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Game Face Ep 2

Special Guests: ObiWan, Joe from Chicago, Pook Ninja

DSJNP.COM Wrestlecast Episode 6

We are back, with new equipment and lots of fun topics. This week we talk WWE Network what would you program? Wresltmania 30 What would you change? What would shock you at WM30? And a bunch of other items, take a listen.
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Old School At The Movies - Episode 77

On this week show, we check out a new trailer for X-Men Days of Future Past, We discuss the growing interest in the Chinese market, Heavyset discusses a Disney conspiracy, and we get your ready for Arnold's new movie "Sabotage".

The SPANISH ANNOUNCE TABLE - Episode 35 - Let’s Do THIS!!!

Captain Awesome and T-Mac do THIS for the 35th time. As usual they breakdown WWE, TNA, and NXT and they answer emails and do a super-long run of #TweetTheTable.

Trending Mobile Technology Episode 78


Turner and T-Mac talk with Deryck Ripley about the early days in MMA with some amazing stories about how Ripley got started in the sport and how things have changed today. The guys also talk about the state of refereeing and so much more! This is a can't miss episode!

Old School At The Movies - Episode 76

This week we discuss a potential battle between Captain America and Batman Vs Superman, with the movies being released the same weekend. Maggie Grace signs for Taken 3 (yes there will be a third Taken movie). Lupita Nyongo is rumoured to be getting a role in the new Star Wars movie, and we review Need For Speed.


Captain Awesome and T-Mac breakdown the week's news, results and rumors, and T-Mac even floods the show with some unbelievable facts!


In one of the best episodes to date; Turner and T-Mac find out that they are already famous. Also, they recap UFC171, talk about fighters cutting weight and share a great story about Tim Elliot and David Rickels.

Game face Ep 1

Special Guests ObiWan and PK Punk

DSJNP.COM Wreslting Podcast Episode 5

The Big Episode 5! With Matt and Xedus! We talk everything Wresltemania 30! Brock vs Taker, Daniel Bryan #occupyraw, Hall of Fame, Cesaro vs Jack Swagger, and much, much more!
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Old School At The Movies - Episode 75

This week we discuss Terry Crews getting casted to play Luke Cage, Will there be too many villains in the new Spiderman movie? Grand Budapest Hotel smashes box office records, and we review the new 300 movie.

Trending Mobile Technology Episode 77

Special Guest Joe from Chicago

New Device
Microsoft in the Mobile Space
More Microsoft News
The Google Sauce
More on Modulars


T-Mac surprised Captain Awesome with a big interview during the show with the one of the most talked about wrestlers of the week.
Also, they discover who won the latest round of PPV picks when they review TNA Lockdown.

DSJNP.COM Wrestling Podcast Episode 4

Last minute get together between Devilvamp, Matt and Xedus. To talk all things WWE, and wrestling in general. We talk Divas, Commentators, Monday Night Raw, NXT and a bit of everything else. Take a listen and let us know what you think.
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The SPLIT DECISION - Episode 4

Turner and T-Mac talk with Gaston "Tonga" Reyno about his amazing story from kickboxing champion in Uruguay to becoming an outstanding MMA fighter in Lees Summit, MO with the Grindhouse fight team. 

DSJNP.COM Geek News Season 1 Episode 2

This week two of my good friends join me to talk about the weekly geek news!
Irrational Games,Netflix,Oculus Rift, Elder Scrolls Online Beta, Titan Fall Beta, And more fun and funny stuff! Please take a listen and give us your input. DSJNP on Facebook and Twitter.

The SPLIT DECISION - Episode 3

Turner and T-Mac talk to Anthony "Sharkbait" Gutierrez about his BIG win at Titan FC 27 and they discuss the rumored matchup between Gina Carano adn Ronda Rousey. They also talk about the ban of TRT in MMA!

Old School At The Movies - Episode 74

This week we recap the Oscars, we got news on a Matrix Reboot, we discuss the new James Bond film, and we review "Pompeii"


Captain Awesome and T-Mac discuss Chicago Raw, NXT Arrival, TNA and do their latest round of their PPV Picks game for TNA Lockdown. 
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