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Trending Mobile Technology Episode 88

DSJNP Second Shift: European Wrestling Podcast Episode 17

This week it’s a pisser of an episode!  The Brits are joined by a displaced Aussie and a fossilized Yank.  In the second half it’s chaos as Living Legend’s control is overwhelmed by multiple run-ins by various invaders, turning the show into a brawl.  DRG sends in a surprisingly intelligible audio clip.  Ant and Chevy join via email.  H provides the Super Sonic News.  There’s loads of fun and frivolity as we talk WWE, TNA, and wrestling history.

The new AWWIR champ H has his “golden” wrestlemania moment!  Don’t miss it!

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SAT 57 - Help The Homeless

This week Captain Awesome and T-Mac were easily distracted as they stopped their jam-packed wrestling content many times to talk about things like dogs and homeless people. But they still deliver great and funny wrestling content with news, emails and #TweetTheTable!


Old School At The Movies - Episode 88

On this week episode we discuss the new Superman movie pushing back it's release date, Chloë Grace Moretz says no Kickass 3, a Black Widow movie might be in the works, and we review Sin City, TMNT, and Expendables 3

DSJNP Wrestlecast Episode 28

A new start this week we talk Raw, then our regular segments! The freaking crazy AH_Walker is here bringing all the profanity that you can handle. New segment Video and Audio of the week! It is great! Well its ok.

Contact us and on Twitter @DSJNPCOM

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Toons: Toonspiracy

On this week's Toons, Jack and Brian are joined by Big Josh The Rebel Trucker as they talk about a number of conspiracy theories. From the Shroud of Turin to the JFK assasination, they cover it all. Towards the end of the show, Brian's computer unravels yet another that will go down in the annals of Toons lure as one of the stranger moments we've had.

Welcome to the Weekend!

Second Shift Podcast Episode 16

It’s episode 16 of europe’s best wrestling podcast and this week it’s Ant’s turn to host! Joining him is everyones favourite baker Wayne is a baker, Sam, Walker and even Living Legend pops in at the end to join the fun. Features include Emails, 1 up 1 down, Highlight of the week, Our Summerslam predictions reviewed and a new quiz segment “Who am i?” Please listen and enjoy!

You can email us at
or follow us and tweet us on @secondshiftpod

Old School At The Movies Episode 87 - Karp’s Bargain Bin - Shark Week

Karp digs down deep into the bargain bin to review 10 shark movies. No one is safe!!!


Captain Awesome and T-Mac breakdown SummerSlam and reveal who won their PPV Picks. Also, as always they give you the news, answer your emails, and play another round of #TweetTheTable. They even find time to go on a huge rant about racism!
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DSJNP Wrestlecast Episode 27

We talk WWE Network, how TNA is doing with the Bully Ray leaving and one of the Wolves hurt. How good was Raw, and Summer Slam? Well we will tell you that is right we know and you want to find out! Listen, we know you want to!

Email us Follow us @DSJNPCOM

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Host this week
Wayne is a Baker
Rocky Mnt High
Katie the First Lady

The Waka Waka Gaming Podcast

Brian, from Toons, and his son Patrick sit down for their debut episode of The Waka Waka Gaming Podcast, which can be found on the Toons website.

On this episode, Brian and Patrick talk about the news of the week and review the 1993 Sega Genesis game, Wimbledon Championship Tennis.

Follow the show on twitter, @WakaWakaPodcast and get updates at!

Second Shift Episode 15.5 Summerslam Review

Join the 2S summerslam party round Ant’s house!! Listen to Ant, Wayne and Haitch review the show and share our thoughts plus a email from Kata!!

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Toons: Toons Returns - Take 3 …. ACTION!

Jack and Brian give it a go once again in their third attempt to make their way back to the Trending Topics Network.
They discuss moving, ways to get away from those who are driving you up a wall and, of course, the sad news of Robin Williams' death.
Welcome to the Weekend!

DSJNP Second Shift: European Wrestling Podcast Episode 15

AH Walker is hosting, so prepare yourself! Great show! Also Check out the Kiwi Tutts Experience! @KiwiTutts

Email us here     Twitter @Secondshiftpod








SAT 55 - We’re BACK!

The Spanish Announce Table has returned to the studio after their two week break! The famous painter Rob Schamberger stops by the studio to talk about his recent trip to the Dan Gables Pro Wrestling Hall of Fame and his upcoming trip to L.A. For WWE SummerSlam, Captain Awesome and T-Mac make their SummerSlam picks, and as always, they answer listener emails and play another round of #TweetTheTable.
Don't forget to check out our website:!

DSJNP Wresltecast Episode 26

Summer Slam Extravaganza! Huge Panel this week, so lets get this shit started! We talk podcasts, WWE network release, Mp3 from DRG this week. #ItHappened. Lots of what if? Of coarse we break down Summer Slam.

Email us @DSJNPCOM

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SAT 54 - Funniest Moments of The Spanish Announce Table - Part 2

This episode is a special clip show of some of our funniest moments from our first year. In Part 2 we bring you the funniest moments of episodes 27-52. Remember to #TweetTheTable to let us know what you think! Thanks for listening!

DSJNP Second Shift: European Wreslting Podcast Episode 14

We are so good we need 2 hosts! Wayne and Living Legends, both are here to try to control AHWalker and Ant! Great show! Also Check out the Kiwi Tutts Experiance! @KiwiTutts

Email us here     Twitter @Secondshiftpod

Ant’s Super Sonic Second Shift Wrestling News.
Talk Tons of Tna, Cause Raw sucked.
We dive deep into the UK WWE Network.
1 up 1 down
Free Chat
And something Special.

@AH Walker

Old School At The Movies - Episode 86

This week we discuss a HD copy of the Expendables 3 movie leaking online, who would Stallone  cast in an Expendabelles spinoff, who is the highest paid actress in Hollywood, and we review Guardians of the Galaxy, and Purge 2

DSJNP Wrestlecast Epsiode 25

We talk about wrestling this week hope you enjoy!

Email Us  Also at @DSJNPCOM


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