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Second Shift Episode 26- We’re a 2 man band!!

This week Wayne and Kai are the tag team to take you through the Hell in a cell fall out and they take you through their top 10 match gimmicks!!

Do you agree or have they forgot any gimmicks??
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DSJNP Wrestlecast Heavyset take over! Episode 37

Heavy sent me no show notes….. Enjoy!

Old School At The Movies - Episode 96

On this weeks show, we discuss Benedict Cumberbatch being casted to play Doctor Strange, We have updated lists for Marvel and DC's film releases for the next 5 years. More details on the next James Bond flick have been leaked, and we review John Wick

Trending Mobile Technology Episode 93


This week Captain Awesome and T-Mac go over Hell In A Cell and find out which one of them won this round of PPV Picks, they cover the news, answer listener emails, play another round of #TweetTheTable, and try to nail down exactly how to say Blukazoo's name right once and for all.

DSJNP Wrestlecast HIAC Live Comentary Style

This is your live commentary track for the Hell in the Cell PPV. Play this along with Hell in the Cell.

Rocky Mountain High

Cerebral Satire: You say Wizard! Episode 2

Ant and Devilvamp talk about Science, Wizards, James Randi, and much more to get your panties in a bunch!


Man walks again after being paralysed
War Machine tries to Comment Suicide
New batch of dc movies
Woman called a racist after cosplay Michonne from walking dead

Will pistorius run again ???
Another legend dies - the curse of ant  this week John Holt
Top 10 Scariest movie Scores
Pick of the week - the mighty boosh
James Randi

What’s in the headlines -  man walks again after being paralysed

War Machine - tries to Comment Suicide

Movie and video game news and reviews  -  new batch of dc movies

Weird and wonderful news - woman called a racist after cosplay Michonne from walking dead

Sport  -  will pistorius run again ???


Music matters / another legend dies - the curse of ant  this week John Holt

Top 10 Scariest movie Scores

Pick of the week - the mighty boosh

James Randi

Old School At The Movies - Episode 95

On this week show, we discuss the Top 10 characters who need their own spin off movies, 8 secrets that Wes Craven revealed about filming a Nightmare on Elm Street, How they will explain Arnold aging in the new Terminator movie, and we review Fury.

DSJNP Second Shift Episode 25- Hell in a cell go home!!

Wayne is a baker is joined this week by Ant, Haitch, Kiwi and the original monkey in the truck RMH.

We have emails, preview this weekends hell in a cell ppv, play the quiz “you can’t handle the truth”, discuss the supersonic/shit news and have a discussion on who should the WWE aim their product at?
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Captain Awesome and T-Mac make their Hell In A Cell Picks, talk about RAW in Kansas City, and discuss the subtle flavor nuances of Natural Ice beer.
As always, they also deliver the news, answer listener emails and play the funnest game around #TweetTheTable!

DSJNP Wrestlecast: Trivia Time! Ep 36

This week we tried to get away from the week in wrestling and we failed. Good talk about the week that was wrestling. We start with Heavy, Wayne, and Devilvamp, then Katie joins! This is a very calming wrestling chat episode.

Contact the show! @DSJNPCOM and

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PPV predictions
Water cooler
Best of the week
Trivia Questions

Host this week
Katie the first lady
Wayne Is A Baker

Old School At the Movies - Episode 94

On this weeks show - Ghostbusters 3 will get an all female cast, why Bill and Ted 3 will probably not happen, Dave Bautista has gotten another major role, and we review The Judge and Dracula Untold.

Show NotesShow Notes Episode 94

DSJNP Second Shift Episode 24- Walker Gets High, AGAIN!!

The boys are back!!! Join Wayne, Ant, Haitch and a very under the influence Walker as the tackle 7 Emails to fill the void of no AWWIR this week and they try a new quiz called “You can’t handle the truth”

Cerebral Satire, Ebola Is Coming Ep1

Two friends sit down to discuss this weeks biggest stories that caught our eye.
Ant @Mcvigilante
Devilvamp @Devilvamp

This week,
Oscar Pistorius Trial
Ghostbusters Reboot, With Women
Walking Dead Returns!
Mike Huckabee, (Gay rant) Spoilers!!! He is a bigot
Jameis Winston, NCAA Football Player
Avengers 3, May not have the Avengers in it.
EBOLA!!!! Scream!!!
Witches Burned in Tanzania
Mark Bell, Dies at 43
Personal Picks for this week.

Reference Sites

DSJNP Wrestlecast Heavy Raps! Episode 35

That is right Heavyset freaking Raps! He has the Audio Biography this week and he tells us about his rap career! Then we go down with Bound for Glory! Twitter DSJNPCOM

Music By Xedus4JC

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Tna BFG (Drg)
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Katie the First Lady
Wayne is a Baker

Spanish Announce Table Episode Nintendo 64

On episode Nintendo 64 Captain Awesome and T-Mac go on some epic TNA rants and discuss how cool it would be if Dean Ambrose would hang out with T-Mac. Also, as usual they cram in some news, listener emails and #TweetTheTable!

Old School At The Movies - Episode 93

On this weeks show, we discuss a possible Spiderman / Avengers cinematic crossover, how Shia LaBeouf went nuts preparing for Fury, how Mel Gibson might direct Iron Man 4, and we review "Gone Girl", and "Tusk".

DSJNP Second Shift Ep 23

This week the boys are back with Emails, return of the quiz “who am I?”, 1 up 1 Down and an interview with the promoter of DOA wrestling Alec Burnitt about their one year anniversary show on Oct 18th in March, Cambridgeshire!!!


With hosts Wayne, Ant, Haitch and Kiwi!

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DSJNP Wrestlecast “It’s going to be like that!” Episode 34

So we get into it this week! Lots of arguing, but in a good way! We keep going no matter how shitty or good wrestling is this week!

Contact us and Twitter @DSJNPCOM

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Katie the First Lady

SAT 63 - Whiteus Oneil

Captain Awesome and T-Mac kick out a short but sweet episode of the tried and true segments of NEWS, E-MAILS, and #TWEETTHETABLE! They even grace you with a couple of movie picks!
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