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Old School At The Movies Episode 99.5 - #OSATM Feedback

This week is all about you! As the panel prepares for Episode 100, we get into some listener feedback.


Second Shift Ep 30- The Sting Appreciation Special

Yes, we’re 30 episodes old and this week Wayne is joined by Kiwi, Heavy and Diarmuid makes his 2S debut!!! Listen as Wayne gets himself wet over Sting’s appearance at Survivor Series and Daniel Bryan guest hosting of Raw. 


Toons Goes Mobile (Black Friday Special)

Welcome to the four day weekend!

This week on Toons, Jack and Brian discuss some recent current events and Thanksgiving.

Then, we share the conversation that Jack had with Piper the DJ, host of the Trending Topic Network's cell phone/tablet/phablet-focused show, Trending Mobile Technology. The two discuss various deals you can look forward to this Black Friday and beyond.

DSJNP Wrestlecast: Heavy Takeover!-Part Duex- Ep 41 (aka “Alright, Moving On”)

Once again, The show after a PPV and Devil Vamp has to “work”. No need to fear because the ONE AND ONLY Heavy seT is here to host and lead the way to the chaos that is this Vamp-less panal.

- Keep, Toss, Or Improve

- Whats on?

-Survivor Series/ Picks Recap

- Fandango defeated ?????? (Justin Gabriel)

- Jack Swagger defeated Casero

- Tag: Mizdow defeated Usos, Gold-Star and Los Matadores

- Divas Survivor Series: Face Team defeats Heel Team

- Bray Wyatt defeated Dean Ambrose (DQ)

- Adam Rose & The Bunny defeated Slater Gator

- Divas: Nikki Bella defeated AJ Lee  

- Survivor Series: Team Cena defeated Team Authority

- DSJNP Audiobiography

- Biohazard

-Wayne’s Water Colorer


- Best of the Week

SAT 70 - Brian Shields Interview

This week the fellas interview Brian Shields, the amazing author of 30 Years of WrestleMania. Brian talks with Captain Awesome and T-Mac for an hour about the book, his life as a wrestling fan, and even answers questions from listeners. They also determine who won this round of PPV Picks as they discuss WWE Survivor Series, and as always they answer listener emails and play another fun round of #TweetTheTable.

Sorry I Took So Long-Real News Ep.01

On this week's Real News I talk about:

ID10T of the week: Alfonzo Rachel  

Second Shift EP29- Ant Feels Poorly

This week Ant feels ill, but that doesn’t stop us as he soldiers on. What a trooper!!! 

All Wine Aside - Episode 2

all wine aside is podcast about three girls : Brooke, Charlie and Sloan. We live in Montreal (qc) and we meet every 2 weeks to talk about real issues and our experiences living in our 30s. We also have wine. Lots of it. 


Cerebral Satire Episode 6 ! Orgasms , Pink Panties and Jebus !

This week Devilvamp and Ant are joined by their very first guest (Wayne) and he drops a couple of exclusives just for your listening pleasure. This week a woman that cant stop having orgasms, Jebus goes ice skating and just to prove we can cut a serious discussion we talk net neutrality , enjoy !!!

 woman cant stop orgasming
Man wakes up after colostomy wearing pink panties   
 God Helped GOP win the Elections

Polish woman returns from the dead 
Net Neutrality

Jesus arrested at skaterink 
Depeche Mode - Violator 
Cards Against Humanity


Old School At The Movies - Episode 99 - 80s Retrospective Part 4

We're back this week with part 4 of our 80's retrospective. This time we review ET, Short Circuit, Police Academy, Gremlins, and Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure. We also check out some #OSATM feedback, and more Red Book predictions!


SAT 69 - Family Friendly

The Tag Team Champions of Wrestling Podcasts bring you yet another family friendly episode of wrestling talk. They make their picks for Survivor Series, cover the latest wrestling news, answer listener emails and, of course, play another round of #TweetTheTable!


DSJNP.COM Wrestlecast “Warning Biohazard” Ep 40

TheBioHzrdKing Joins us! We wrap up Survivor Series 2014. We talk about Divas, who will be the next Raw COO and where is the Authority going after SS.

Join us through Or @DSJNPCOM

Buy his Music HERE!


Toons: @TableShow….Show

This week on Toons, Jack and Brian talked to Captain Awesome and T-Mac of the Spanish Announce Table.

But their conversation did not happen unfettered as, once more, Skype tried to interfere with the festivities, abbreviating the conversation but not the fun.

Old School Presents… STFU Episode BETA 1

Join Old School and Podcaster Charlie as they discuss Porn, Speed Limits, and Vegans

Cerebral Satire “Death With Sperm” Ep 5

We are just blown away with the News this week, Imagine 2 guys sitting down to talk about Sperm, Dolphins, and Suicide.


Show Notes


Man takes ‘MDMA and cocaine, steals ambulance and masturbates in police custody’ - busy day


Man goes to Mexico to die , fucks a prostitute , snorts coke … Comes back happy 
Pastor accuses Starbucks of flavoring its coffee with semen of ’sodomites
Florida charity worker, 90, arrested by police for feeding the homeless gets right gets arrested again one day later
Satans drink ???
Dolphin found dumped in alleyway a mile from the sea ‘died from too much SEX’
Toast Of London: the funniest UK sitcom nobody’s watching | Den of Geek

Cranberries lead singer arrested for head butting police officer 

Second Shift Episode 28- Full of crazy!!!

This week gets out of hand, but what else could have happened when Wayne, Walker and Ant gets reunited? They are this week joined by DV and the brain box herself Katie the 1st Lady!!


Captain Awesome and T-Mac sit down for another week of rasslin-podcast mastery as they discuss the week's news, answer listener emails and play an exciting and fun round of #TweetTheTable. Also, they address the "truthers" conspiracy theories.

Old School At The Movies - Episode 98

On this weeks show, a new Joker has been cast, Quentin Tarantino reveals his cast for The Hateful Eight, Matt Damon coming back for a new Jason Bourne movie, and we review Interstellar

DSJNP Wrestlecast “Ring Geeks Join Us!” Ep 39

Great fun this week! We and two of the three girls from @RingGeeks Podcast on. They are great wrestling fans and Hot to boot! Thank you lady’s for joining us this week.

Contact us Twitter @DSJNPCOM

Twitter @RingGeeks


Keep, Toss, Or Improve

What’s On

Best of 2014
Comments from the Net
Waynes Water Cooler
Best of the Week
Free Chat.

Katie the First Lady
Wayne is a Baker

Toons: Toons-Worthy Feats

This week on Toons, Jack and Brian spend 20 minutes talking before Brian realizes that he never started recording!

After that was cleared up, the guys talked about Nik Wallenda and a host of other amazing feats performed by various humans from all around the world. Tight ropes. Faking comas and paralysis. The "Beer Mile." Brian reading poetry that's not really poetry.

Also, a revisit of the time Brian almost broke a world record of his own in the name of Toons.

Welcome to the Weekend!

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