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SAT 72 - YOU’RE The Shits!

This week the dreaded Technical Difficulties were back with a vengeance, even so much as to force Captain Awesome and T-Mac to re-record two segments of the show on a later date. But the Tag Team Champions of Wrestling Podcasts muscled through it and present you with a MEGA show featuring Kansas City's own Wrestling Painter Extraordinaire Rob Schamberger who discusses the newest WWE DVD: True Giants, which features him and his paintings. Also, they call up Jonathan Bowles, the owner and creator of Wrassle Roos, to talk to him about his product that is the latest rage in the wrestling world. They also cover the latest news, make some picks for TLC... and S, answer some listener emails and play another fun round of #TweetTheTable.

Old School At The Movies - Episode 101

This week we discuss a Kickboxer remake, North Korea hacks Sony, We review some new trailers for Terminator 5 and Star Wars, and we review Big Hero 6, Dumb and Dumber 2, and Horrible Bosses 2


Second Shift EP 32- What Colour Is Walker’s Semen?

Wayne, Ant & Walker reunite for 90 mins of unusual debate, such as should Walker see a doctor over the colour of his semen and how far Ant can ejaculate. Also we briefly touch on wrestling to preview TLC and NXT R Evolution.

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DSJNP Wrestlecast “Where is Wayne?” Episode 43

Wrestlecast Episode 43
Cohost: Baker, Heavyset, DRG, Katie The First Lady, BioHzrd
❖ Keep, Toss, Improve
➢ Keep Seth
➢ Improve Cena
and Seth Rollins
❖ What’s On?
■ Wayne 19
■ Devilvamp and DRG 16
■ Katie 14
■ Heavy 16
■ Bio 4
➢ New Day Vs Dust’s Dust (Preshow)
➢ Dean Ambrose Vs Bray Wyatt (TLC)
➢ Ryback Vs Kane (Chair match)
➢ Cena vs Rollins (Tables match) Cena loses he is no longer #1 Contender
➢ Miz and Mizdow Vs Usos For the Tag Team Championship
➢ Eric Rowan Vs Big Show (Stairs match?)
➢ Luke Harper Vs Ziggler (Ic ladder match)
➢ Rusev Vs Jack Swagger (US Title Match)
➢ Nikki vs AJ (Divas Title Match)
❖ WWE Live
➢ Matches
➢ Divas
➢ BioHazards thoughts
❖ NXT REvolution
➢ Charlotte Vs The Nose
➢ Dragons Vs The Vaudevillains
➢ Ascension Vs Itami and Balor
➢ Zani Vs Nelville
❖ Comments from the Net
➢ Emails
❖ Waynes Water Cooler
➢ Cmpunk signs with UFC
❖ Devil’s thoughts
➢ CMpunk podcast
➢ Mcmahon
❖ Free For all

The Real News Ep 2-Sunday Show

Second Shift Ep.31- A True Wrestlecast 2nd Shift

This week Wayne is joined by his B show counter parts for a quiz special and 1 up, 1 down.


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SAT 71 - Technical Difficulties

This week Captain Awesome and T-Mac get displaced to a different studio and all is going great until the last segment when they experience the dreaded Blue Screen of Death. But they manage to discuss the CM Punk and Vince McMahon podcast interviews, interview former WWE writer and current owner of Metro Pro Wrestling Chris Gough, answer listener emails and play another awesome round of #TweetTheTable!

DSJNP Wrestlecast: DV Punk Is A Quitter!- Ep 42

Devilvamp has walked on on his own show. Devilvamp is a Quitter. Ok… Not really… But this week we spend a lot of time on the whole Punk/WWE/McMahon thing. It even got it’s own special segment. Expect a very “special” HHH segment next week… if Vamp decides to return. 

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Heavy seT

- Keep, Toss, Or Improve

- Whats on?

- Punk AOW/ McMahon SCSA

- Wayne’s Water Colorer

- E-Mail

- Best of the Week

Old School At The Movies Episode 100 - 2014 Year In Review Part 1

Will, Galifrey, Old School, and Kevbotrek review their top 5 movies for 2014.


All Wine Aside Episode 3 - Someone almost dies!

In this episode, we talk about Cute repair guys, Bacon, how you should always wait for the taxi guys to invite you in the cab and why nice guys always tend to “finish” last.