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Second Shift Episode 36

Wayne is out but the show must go on! Kai will be taking the reigns of worlds number one wrestling European perspective podcast.

But he is not alone, he is joined by his co-hosts, Ant, Sam and Walker. This week the special focus is the Royal Rumble.

Cerebral Satire The Pope, Horses, and Theme Parks Ep 13


 Cerebral Satire

Ant and Devilvamp get a bit crazy for Horses and the Pope.



Show Notes:

Sex Theme park

Pony Sex

Teen Posed as a Doctor

Holographs are here!

God Made Me throw Interceptions

Pope Says Faith should not be mocked.

My letter

Top 5 Villains


Old School At The Movies - Episode 109 - Kevin Smith Retrospective Part 2

Snoogens! We're back with part 2 of our Kevin Smith retrospective in which we review Dogma, Red State, Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, Clerks 2, and Cop Out.


SAT 79 - Justin Kendall Interview

Captain Awesome and T-Mac welcome in wrestling columnist and magazine editor Justin Kendall into the studio to talk some wrasslin'. They also go over how they did in their Royal Rumble Picks, answer some listener emails, talk about the news and play a great round of #TweetTheTable!

Trending Mobile Technology Ep 96


TGT: Toons Game Time (S1.04) - No Mo’ Digits

This week's Toons Game Time was pushed back a day and, frankly, could have used a couple more hours. Listeners will find out what Brian is like when he hasn't slept for 21 hours and tries to do a podcast.

Luckily, to help handle the load, Ryan Noble came along and helped save the day as the two talked about the latest video game news including EA's future "Free-To-Start" possibility on consoles, big money changing hands on ebay once again, Microsoft's Windows 10 reveal, Joystiq's decision to move away from rating games and more.

They also go over listeners' answers to last week's Question of the Week, reveal this week's QotW AND tell you what games are being released in the next 14 days or so.

This is the and presentation of Toons Game Time.

DSJNP Wrestlecast Forget you Internet Ep 50!

We tell you how and what to think about wrestling this week. Also You are very wrong.

DSJNP Royal Rumble Live Commentary

Live commentary for your Royal Rumble experience.

Cerebral Satire Teaching Wayne Ep 12

Ant and Devilvamp teach Wayne some facts of life. Let's see where this goes.

DSJNP: Second Shift European “Welcome to the New Show” Ep. 35

This is your first Second shift European Wrestling Podcast Trending Topics Network, you get to hear the reboot. Enjoy!

Old School At The Movies - Episode 108 - Kevin Smith Retrospective Part 1

Snootch to the motha f**kin nootch. Part 1 of our Kevin Smith retrospective where we review Clerks, Mallrats, and Chasing Amy


Trending Mobile Technology Ep 95


NFL Easy Picks: 2014 Playoffs- Super Bowl


T-Mac isn't feeling well and Captain Awesome keeps downing the hard cider as they make their Royal Rumble Picks, breakdown the week's news, answer listener emails and play another fun round of #TweetTheTable. Also, they hope they finally settled the "Emails First Conspiracy".

Wrestlecast Royal My Rumble Ep 49

Listen to our Royal Rumble Picks and well all that other wrestling content you were wanting this week.

TGT: Toons Game Time (S1.03) w/ @PK_BWC

It's Episode 3 of the first season of Game Time and Brian's brought along the man who knows more about the British wrestling scene than most British wrestlers, Paul "PK" Kissock.

It's been awhile since the guys have talked so they catch up a little before diving into stories like Dragon Age: Inquisition's recent stats reveal, Mutant League Football constantly being on the horizon and the stress-relieving, empathy-inducing qualities of Rock Band. And that's before they even begin to discuss whether or not video gaming is a sport.

Anything Goes- Episode 3: “@TheAnythingGoes”


In this episode, Heavy seT, The Mop Jockey and FTW take topic ideas/questions from the Anything Goes Twitter Page (@TheAnythingGoes). They discuss: Eggplants, FTW's rage issues, Black Ops 2, Digital vs Physical, Talkboy, cloning ourselves, FTW's sister and audiobooks.

Cerebral Satire Episode 11! Wayne is back with more gold

This week Wayne returns with more absolute gold. Ant gets progressively more drunk and annoying and Devilvamp tries to hold the ship together.

We talk about Women squirting , back to the future trainers , why couples argue (gold) and many more topics. Ant also drops some facts for Waynes education... all for your listening pleasure,enjoy.

All Wine Aside Episode 7 - The Sloan Show!

Sloan! We are so happy you came back to us from Ireland.. so here is a show dedicated to you! hehe.  Plus, we talk about our best drunken stories and we play “would you rather” This is a long episode. Longer than you think actually because you are getting the last HOUR, next week ! :)


STFU Episode 3 - Calm Down Charlie!!!

This week Charlie and Old School discuss skinny bitches, Christmas cards, and wiping habits.

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