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Second Shift: Episode 37… The episode that almost wasn’t!

After technical hitches plagued us for a second show in a row, we almost lost this episode… and not due to a drunk Ant! But with a large dose of persistence, here it is!

Please accept our apologies for inferior audio quality this week, it’s not ideal, but we felt the show deserved to be aired nonetheless…

On the panel with host Kai (@haitchwir) are:
Ant the Vigilante (@mcvigilante)
Katie, The First Lady (@KATIE1STLADY)
Kung-Fu Panda (@XsilverX21)
and Sam (@Samuel_WBA)

And this week our special focus on live events we’ve attended… what were our stand out memories form the events. Also this week, Second Shift isn’t the second shift without a quiz!!

DSJNP Wrestlecast: “Get Well Soon, Devil Vamp” - Ep 51

All Wine Aside - Episode 8 - Charlie is a Prude

In this episode, we talk to Sloan on the phone because she is sick! But fear not, Brooke and Charlie still get drunk. Charlie has a bone to pick with Cerebral Satire from TTN becauase they called her a Prude. Charlie sets the record straight. Brooke turned 32. Sloan talks about a study that will make you fall in love with a random stranger and we finally catch up on our Drunken Station Twitter followers


Old School At The Movies - Episode 110

This week we discuss the cast of the new Ghostbusters Spinoff, Star Trek gets a big named villain, we discuss the potential Deadpool rating, and we review American Sniper, Mortdecai, and The Imitation Game


Cerebral Satire “Emails, Blow jobs, Kissing Guys” Ep 14

Cerebral Satire

Ant and DV Explain what it is to be human. Well, no not really, we are idiots.

Contact info:
@DSJNPCOM #Csatire


T-Mac and the Captain discuss Triple H's appearance on the Stonecold Podcast as well as the latest happenings in wrestling this week. Also they answer listener emails and play a fun round of #TweetTheTable.

TGT: Toons Game Time (S1.05) w/ @You_MeAnd_McKee

This week on Toons Game Time, Brian invites Tucker, a new friend in the Toons family, to discuss the latest news and notes from the world of video games. They'll talk about Joystiq's really bad week, Ubisoft's continued missteps and IKEA's venture into puzzle gaming.

Then, the two take a look at digital downloads and the impact they have on the industry as well as reveal some of the games being released in the upcoming week.

NFL Easy Picks: 2014 Season Finale

Anything Goes- Episode 4: “DRG Sends In A Million Questions”