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Wrestlecast “The week in wrestling” Ep 59


Wrestlecast Ep 59

Host Devilvamp

Katie the first lady, Heavyset, Biohazard, DRG

  • Wrestlemania

    • Picks

      • PPV points

    • Thoughts

    • Keeps, Toss, Improve

    • Open forum

  • HOF

    • Thoughts?

    • Next years votes?

  • Raw

    • Keep, Toss, Improve

    • Brock being suspended

    • The Crowd

    • Divas match

      • Charlottes tweet

    • Sheamus and Neville

    • Last match

  • New WWE Network Shows

  • Emails

    • Andy MP3

  • Best of the week



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Trending Mobile Technology Ep 101


DSJN P Wrestlecast Wrestlemania Special

This is our post Wrestlemania Show! Hear our reviews!

TGT: Toons Game Time (S1.09) ToeJam Telethon

This week on Toons Game Time, Brian and Ryan Noble discuss the latest news and notes from the video game industry.

More importantly, they try to get the ToeJam & Earl Kickstarter campaign over the top so that the classic series can find its way to next-gen consoles.

Sign up now for one of the three panels that will cover E3 in June. Do so using the contact form at the newly designed!

Cerebral Satire “TopGear, Hot Chicks, and Wayne”

Cerebral Satire Ep 20


Ant, Wayne, Devilvamp

Visit us at www.DSJNP.COM


Toliets are to sexy

Jeremy Clarkson of Top Gear Contract will not be Renewed

James may made a statment

Hot Women Draft

Wayne's Facts

Killer Karp

SAT 87 - WrestleMania 31 Special

Professional Wrestler Jeremy Wyatt and the infamous Rated R are live in the studio for the annual pre-wrestlemania show where Captain Awesome, T-Mac, and their guest break down this year's card.

Ep 1. Wrestlemania 31 Round Up

Put your children to bed and grab your popcorn. This is not your Granddaddy’s Wrestling show. The Yes Talk is the hardest hitting and funniest Wrestling Podcast today with weekly episodes covering WWE, the Indie Circuit and all things Pro Wrestling. The Yes Talk provides up to date coverage, special guests and a refreshing look into todays world of Pro Wrestling. Hosted by Comedian and Filmmaker Dustin Kaufman, Dustin makes it through the first episode of The Yes Talk with flying colors. Wresting, Rumors, News, Raw Recappucino, Gimmick Change of the Week with a full look at the Road To Wrestlemania 31 and what to expect on the Grandest Stage of them All this Sunday.  Special Guests: Comedian Paul Shields and West Coast Wrestling Correspondent Mean Mark Thornton.


Talk Drops Episode 1

“Talk Drops” is an extension of the Late Night Sketch Comedy Show “Kauf Drops w/ Dustin Kaufman.”

Bringing on Comedians, Musicians and more, Dustin and the crew talk about the show, pop culture and everything under the sun.

Ep 1. “Mike Baldwin” Dustin and Glenn sit down with Comedian Mike Baldwin for an in depth look into getting started in comedy, working festivals, competitions, getting booked on the road, earliest comedy impressions and more.


DSJNP Wrestlecast “Welcome to Wrestlemania!” Ep 58


Wrestlecast ep 58

  • Keep Toss or Improve

  • Wrestlemania Rewind (Heavyset's Question)

  • What's on

  • Wrestlemania

  • Emails

  • Biohazard's News Dump

  • Best of the week

  • Show Notes

    • Visit us at

    • We are going to be on RasslingRantin round table podcast,


    • On thursday March 26th.

    • Please share and rate the fuck out of us guys we need your support!


This week, Karp (from old school at the movies and joins All Wine Aside to talk about what men are really like together, Threesomes, weird sex fetishes and the perfect gift you can give your partner: shaving his initials in your pubes.


We talk about Pet peeves, girl’s “moves”, Spring cleaning, Vagina selfies and Salvia


DRG’s Detour “Rip Hijodel Perro” Ep 3

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the family of Hijodel Perro.

FIXED IT! Toons’ St. Patrick’s Day Spectacular

NOTE: This is the audio-corrected version of the Toons episode from last week.

This episode of Toons w/ Jack and Brian is a mess. A hot, beautiful mess. The guys decide that, naturally, the best way to celebrate St. Patrick's Day is to do a drunk edition of Toons.

Thanks to the logistical nightmare that IS the American tradition of changing clocks, Brian brought Mart - who was waking up at 2 AM England time to drink with the guys - on an hour later than he expected to.

But Jack, Brian and Mart tackle the subject of Irish history, lore and tradition with all the grace and reverence that you would expect from them.........once they've imbibed heavily.

Welcome to the Weekend!

Toons Game Time (S1.08) - Give Blood, Get Blood

This week, Toons Game Time features a mistake within seconds (It's episode 8, not 7 as Brian claims). That's what happens when it's a solo affair.

There's lots going on in the video game world right now: Nintendo's NX project, Lego wants in on the figurine market, Playstation is helping with the Denmarkian blood market, Metal Gear Solid is mired in controversy and NetherRealm seals the deal for a certain host of this podcast.

All that and more on Toons Game Time. For more news and notes, visit

Trending Mobile Technology Ep 100


Cerebral Satire “Is that your Penis?” Ep 19

Episode 19 "Is that your dick?"

Your Host

Devilvamp, Ant, and Wayne

Jared Leto Joker

Men Cut off Balls

SAT 86 - Win The Argument

The best pro wrestling talk show hosts ever discuss this week in wrestling, they announce a new contest giveaway, and T-Mac even promises a gift to the listeners if #TweetTheTable becomes a worldwide trending topic during WrestleMania!

Old School At The Movies - Episode 114

On this weeks show, we discuss a possible Ghostbusters Spinoff, Marvel skips Comic Con, We discuss how we would change the Oscars, and we review Chappie, and 50 Shades of Grey


DSJNP Wrestlecast “Working the Ropes” Ep 57


Wresltecast ep 57
Katie the First Lady

● Keep Toss or Improve
● Wrestlemania Rewind (Heavyset's Question)
● What's on
● Wrestling isn't Wrestling
      ○ Watch the app while you watch raw or smackdown
● Emails
      ○ And Tweets
● Biohazard's News Dump
● Best of the week
      ○ 6 man tag
● Show Notes
      ○ Visit us at
      ○ We are going to be on RasslingRantin round table podcast,
      ○ On thursday March 26th.
      ○ Please share and rate the fuck out of us guys we need your support!

DSJNP Wrestlecast: “3PS (3 Person Show)” - Ep 56

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