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Drg Detour Episode 5 - Casual Perspectives

In this episode, we have a different format as I include one of the many random conversations I have with my gorgeous wife. She is completely clueless I recorded her on this so it may very well be my final episode as I anticipate her to kill me when she finds out!!

Trending Mobile Technology Ep 103


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Old School At The Movies - Episode 115

On this week show, we discuss how Fast 7 handled Paul Walker's remaining scenes after he passed, Arnold has signed on to do a zombie flick, a live action Play-Doh movie is in the works, and Karp does a movie review gauntlet, rating Gunman, Run All Night, and WolfCop


Anything Goes- Episode 7: “Salami”

Anything Goes- Episode 6: “Wrestlemania Ramblings”

Cerebral Satire “Easter Blow Jobs” Ep 22

Cerebral Satire
EP 22 Host: Devilvamp, Ant, Wayne
➔ Intro
➔ Easter
◆ Flying French bells and other bizarre Easter traditions from around the world
◆ Other Easter Opinions
➔ Feel Good story
◆ Pen helps parkinson's and people with seizures write
◆ ns-disease-micrographia/
➔ Burger King customer bitten by Pig
◆ en-pig-5458874
➔ Waynes Facts (Ant)
➔ Why I dont give Blow jobs
➔ Ants Movie Reviews
➔ How to give a grape fruit blow job by Wayne
◆ t-blow-job
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All Wine Aside Episode 13 - WE GO DEEP … IN THOUGHT

We talk about EASTER and ask each other philosophical questions about..

  • Do you have a family member in jail ?
  • Are you a hero or a villain ?
  • If you could come back as a man, would you ?
  • You have 1 million dollars and 1 week to spend it. What would you do ?
  • What’s your spirit animal ?
  • What food could you NEVER live without ?
  • You have 30 seconds to give the world a message. What would it be?
  • If you could go back in time and say something to one person. Who/what it be?

SAT 89 - I Want My Money, Martell!

Captain Awesome and T-Mac discuss the first week after WrestleMania, answer listener emails, play #TweetTheTable, delivers some BIG NEWS about Tweet The Table, and still manage to start a war!

The Yes Talk Ep 3 - Kevin Kellam

Dustin is joined by Kevin Kellam of Pro Wrestling Examiner and Hot Cup of Mania. They talk WWE, the mixture of Stand-Up and Pro-Wrestling, Raw Re-Cappuccino and more!

Talk Drops Ep 3 - Tom Larson

Dustin is joined in the studio by Zach Huber and Tom Larson. They talk about finding a comedic voice, high-energy delivery, WrestleMania 31, Saturday morning cartoons, and more!

Wrestlecast “Bye AJ” Ep 60

Wrestlecast Ep 60
Host Devilvamp
Katie the first lady, Heavyset, Biohazard, DRG
● Keep, Toss, or Improve
● What’s On
● Biohazards News Dump
● Emails
○ Andy MP3
● Best of the week
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Cerbral Satire “Sex for Science? Yes, Please” EP 34

Cerebral Satire

Episode 34

Ant, DV, Wayne and MOP

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www.DSJNP.COM is the website

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Have sex for Science

Killed by Cans?

Wayne’s Facts

Dr talking shit while knocked out

Wayne’s Questions

Vagina Knitting

Fart Powered bus


Cerebral Satire “Ant’s News, GoT, and Walking Dead” Ep 21

Cerebral Satire Ep 21


Devilvamp, Ant

Cerebral Satire “Ant’s News, GoT, and Walking Dead” Ep 21


Cerebral Satire Ep 21


Devilvamp, Ant

Trending Mobile Technology Ep 102: Special Cord Cutter Edition


Special Guest: Mr Old School 

The Yes Talk Ep 2 - Wrestlemania 31 Review

Dustin and his West Coast Wrestling Corespondent Mean Mark Thornton Cover Wrestlemania 31, Wrestlemania weekend and Monday Night Raw


Talk Drops Episode 2 - Mo Alexander

Dustin and Glenn are Joined by Zach Huber and Comedian Mo Alexander


SAT 88 - The Schambergers of Doom

Captain Awesome and T-Mac discuss WrestleMania, discover who won this year in PPV Picks, are humbled by the amazing amount of #TweetTheTable contributions and answer some listener emails. Also the World Tag Team Champions of Wrestling Podcasts invite the World's Finest Tag Team, Rob and Katy Schamberger, into the studio to discuss their amazing adventure at this years WrestleMania and WrestleMania Axxess.

Toons: April Toons’ Day!

On this special edition of Toons, Jack and Brian rock the airwaves and talk about the holiday that some people might say is named after them.

The guys talk about some of their favorite pranks, do a round of Are You Freakin Kidding Me and much much more!

DRG’s Detour Ep 4

DRG needs to write some blurbs for me for this part. Enjoy the show

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