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Cerebral Satire “Flakka, MLP, and Wayne” Ep 29

Cerebral Satire

Episode 29

Devilvamp, Ant, and Wayne

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Wanted a MLP and Got Little Tony

Girl running around Naked Claiming to be God and Satan

Guy on Flakka

Wayne’s Facts

Sex Ed Questions from 9th Graders

Guy Drives through his house to blow off steam

How to Poo better

Men who orgasm every day live longer


SAT 96 - We Dressed Up A Mexican As a Not-Indian!

This week Captain Awesome and T-Mac commentate on another week of professional wrestling. They discuss the Elimination Chamber and break down picks for all the matches. They discuss WWE dropping the Second Screen Experience, TNA gets cancelled, NXT Takeover results, Kevin Owens, Scott Hall, Global Force Wrestling, and Sunny doing porn. They also answer listener emails and play a great round of #TweetTheTable!

Second Shift: Episode 39

Another packed show including a look back at NXT Takeover: Unstoppable, a look forward to Elimination Chamber, our response to the breaking story on ROH on Destination America, emails, the Supersonic Second Shift News, What Wrestling Taught Kai AND a quiz, and all in less than 75 minutes!

Hosted by The Living Legend (@livinglegend148) alongside Ant the Vigilante (@mcvigilante) and Kiwi Tutts (@kiwitutts)

The Yes Talk Pro Wrestling Podcast Ep 10

The Yes Talk Pro Wrestling Podcast Ep 10 

My Tweet to Zack Ryder

Lucha Libre World Cup

Samoa Joe Works Everywhere

The Divas Don’t Relate to the Female Viewers 

Does WWE Network Reduce Piracy? 

Rising NXT Stars Today compared to the Past 

WWE Signs MMA Fighter Gzim Selmani


RAW Re-Cappuccino 

Elimination Chamber - Full Breakdown and Predictions


Wrestlecast “Divas drop a Bomb” Ep 67

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Old School At The Movies - Episode 120

On this week show, we discuss the disappointing second week number for Avengers 2, Brad Fuller talks a Friday the 13th reboot, Matthew Mcconaughey was in talks to play a superhero, and Karp reviews Ex-Machina, and Maggie


Cerebral Satire “Vaginas, Friends, and Cockroach” Ep 28

Cerebral Satire Ep 28

Devilvamp and Ant

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No new reviews


Man kills imaginary friend

Bill Cosby

25 facts about vaginas


Woman puts foot skin in her family's milk

Japanese Game show with cockroach

$100 Worth of groceries up woman Vagina’s

Thrown out of old person home


Ohio Indy Report- Episode 26: “Another Year, Another JLIT”

Talk Drops Ep 9 - Cheeseburgers from Paradise

Dustin and Glenn are back and this time they actually drop the talk. Cheeseburgers, Cops, Other Stuff and the news.

Wrestlecast Live NXT Unstoppable

This is your audio track behind NXT Unstoppable! Enjoy!

The Yes Talk Pro Wrestling Podcast Presents: Indy Wrestler Kenny Jones Interview

Dustin sits down with Indy Wrestler Kenny Jones for a full look at what it’s like coming up and traveling the road trying to break into the business of Professional Wrestling, having gigs cancel, working for free, working hardcore matches and more.

Second Shift: Episode 38

The Second Shift makes a long-awaited return. Join our four man crew, this week consisting of The Living Legend (@livinglegend148), Ant the Vigilante (@mcvigilante), Kai (@haitchWIR) and AH Walker (@ah_walker) as thel give their opinions on WWEs Payback and the upcoming NXT Takeover:Unstoppable and Elimination Chamber. 

Also this week, Supersonic Second Shift News, Things that wrestling has taught me and our final thoughts for the week.
It’s good to be back.

The Yes Talk Pro Wrestling Podcast Ep 9

Full Break Down of The Reality Era and why it’s a lie. Raw Re-Cappucinno and a look at WWE Elimination Chamber. The Hardest Talking Pro Wrestling Podcast “The Yes Talk” with your host Dustin Kaufman

Toons: Hi, Pathetic Al!

This week on Toons, Jack and Brian tackle News That Nobody Can Use, some hypothetical questions from our friends at All Wine Aside (and some that we stole from the interwebz), and do a round a Are You Freakin Kidding Me.

Sure it took Brian a few days to edit a couple of recording issues, but Welcome to the Weekend anyway.

Drg Detour Oh Dario Ep 8

On this weeks Detour, DRG is as Happy as Dario Cueto with a Glass of Scotch and a grown man draped through his window! We Don’t Sweat the Technique, Search for Medallions, talk about the Dead Bro Down, and more!

Twitter (@MrDRG_WIR) Question of the Week: If TNA adopted a development system, how should the do it?

(A) By utilizing Pay per Appearances
(B) By partnering with an existing Indy promotion
(C) By creating their own new promotion
(V) Vamp that shit cause I don’t care

SAT 95 - The Riegel Twins Interview

This week Captain Awesome and T-Mac discuss the great week of professional wrestling. They discuss the events of WWE Payback, Kevin Owens powerbombing John Cena on Monday Night Raw, The Elimination Chamber and they invite up and coming tag team sensation The Riegel Twins into the studio to discuss their young careers and passion for the professional wrestling industry. Over three and a half hours of wrestling content for you so don't be a Marty and LISTEN TO THE SHOW!

All Wine Aside episode 16 - Farts, Guns & “Pineapple, pineapple !!”

New design for Check it out! You can also now "ask us anything" on the website. Don't be shy to write what's on your mind.

In this episode, we start to "word it" and talk about a lot of crap. 

Want to leave us a voicemail to ask us a question ? Find Charlie on Skype at Podcaster_charlie and call ! She won’t answer and you’ll be able to leave us an anonymous question! we will be waiting!

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DSJNP Wresltecast (Kill Owens Kill) Ep 66

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DSJNP Wrestlecast Payback Live 2015

Listen to this while you watch WWE Payback

The Yes Talk Payback Post Show

Dustin is joined in the studio by Captain Awesome of The Spanish Announce Table for this very special episode of The Yes Talk. Dustin and the Capt. take a full look at the Payback 2015 PPV

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