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Second Shift: Episode 41

Dive into the latest edition of the Second Shift, This week we look forward to Money In The Bank as well as our regular features Supersonic Second Shift New, What Wrestling Taught Me and the return of our trivia game Killer.

Hosts: The Living Legend (@livinglegend148), Kai (@haitchwir) and Kiwi Tutts (@kiwitutts)


This week we break down the week of wrestling including John Cena, Kevin Owens, Samoa Joe, Brock Lesnar, Dolph Ziggler, Kofi Kingston, The New Day, Randy Orton, Kane, Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins, Roman Reigns, Cesaro, Tyson Kidd, The Bella Twins, Paige, WWE, TNA, Lucha Underground, RoH, the new Wednesday Night Wars, and the upcoming Money In The Bank!

The Yes Talk Pro Wrestling Podcast EP 12

Who Watched What on Wednesday?
My Tweet To Dave Bautista 
CM Calls Out Hulk Hogan
Hulk Hogan Wants to Wrestle, but Should be a Manager 
Jessica Havok's Racist and Homophobic Tweets 
WWE has never had a 100% African American WWE Champion  
WWE July 4th Special 
Gimmick Change of The Week - Fandango 
RAW Re-Cappucino 
Money In The Bank

DSJNP Wrestlecast- Episode 69: “Money In The Bank Is Missing The Kitchen Sink”

Drg’s Detour TNA Watch 2015

DRG discusses all the moves going on in the Wrestling Industry.

Toons Game Time: E3 Preview (Microsoft Edition)(Updated)

This podcast episode has been updated with the correct audio file.

After a brief hiatus - no thanks to major laptop issues - Brian returns for Toons Game Time for a look at the upcoming E3 Show in Los Angeles. To help him discuss Microsoft's year and plans for the future, Brian brings along Tucker and PK who both have a vested interest in the show as XBox One owners.

For more information on Toons, ToonsChux, Toons Game Time and the rest of the TrendingTopicsNetwork, visit and

The Conversation The Ultimate Wrestler Ep 2

We gave the IWC a poll of wrestling questions and they answered.

Style and Charisma -

Physique -

Music -

In-ring Technical Ability -

Selling -

Talking Ability -

Back Stage Pull -

King of the Spot -

In-Ring Storytelling -

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Talk Drops EP 10 - Double Twitter Extra Cheese

Dustin And Glenn Eat Cheeseburgers and and Start a Twitter account so fans can tell them what their favorite cheeseburger is.Oh, And The News..

Cerebral Satire “Rape who? I am telling your mum” Ep 30

Cerebral Satire

Episode 30

Ant, Devilvamp

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KeyBoard Warrior (Female takes them out)

Pregnant Hands?

Lamb found at brothel

17 History facts they don’t tell you

Man Reunited with his mother


Second Shift: Episode 40

On the latest episode @livinglegend148 is joined by @haitchwir, @danthecannon (till we lose him) and @diarmuidpc (until he gets a phone call and bolts). We discuss Elimination Chamber, Money in the Bank, divas, special events, and what bit of music gets stuck in Legend’s head a lot right now?

OId School At The Movies - Batman Special Parts 1,2,3

We go back in time to July 2013 when we released a three part Batman episode. We talk all things Batman including a run down of all movies, we discuss our favorite Batmen, our favorite villains, and our favorite themes.


The Hour Of power!


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This week your World Tag Team Champions of the Wrestling Podcast World cover the Elimination Chamber, Ryback, The New Day, John Cena, Kevin Owens, Seth Rollins, Dean Ambrose, Stephen Amell, Stardust, The Prime Time Players, RoH and TNA on Destination America, and more. They even have time to cover the news, answer listener emails, and play a fun round of #TweetTheTable!

All Wine Aside Episode 17 - I sneezed and peed myself

We talk about everything and anything. 

No words this week as we ... apparently had a LOT of say


The Yes Talk Pro Wrestling Podcast Ep 11

Steve Austin vs Brock Lesnar 
Is WWE Still Buying The Competition? 
Wednesday Is The New Monday
Stardust vs The Green Arrow 
Gimmick Change of the Week - Tamina Snuka 
Raw Re-Cappuccino 
Money In The Bank

Wrestlecast “EC was the best” Ep 68

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Old School At The Movies - Episode 121

On this weeks show, Batkid documentary trailer has been released, World War Z is getting a sequel, Hulk Hogan for Expendables 4, and we review "TomorrowLand"


Wresltecast Elimination Chamber Live 2015

Listen while you watch WWE Elimination Chamber 2015

The Yes Talk: WWE Elimination Chamber Post Show Special

WWE Elimination Chamber Post Show Special. Full breakdown of the WWE Network Exclusive from The Yes Talk Pro Wrestling Podcast w/ Dustin Kaufman 

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