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The Yes Talk Pro Wrestling Podcast Ep 23

Ric Flair Talks Cesaro

 More Than 1, but less than 2 matches Booked for Survivor Series

 Seth Rollins "The Good, The Bad and The Ugly"

 WWE Title Tournament 


NFL Easy Picks: 2015 Week 10

Fantasy Footie

Wayne solo show reviewing and previewing the Barclays Premier League. Enjoy

Second Shift: Episode 62 – 5 Star Baby!

This week we welcome our guest, the owner of 5 Star Wrestling onto the Second Shift. We have your emails, the Supersonic Second Shift News, we talk Raw and Survivor Series as well as the 5 Star wrestling 3-stop tour of England in January.

Your panel: The Living Legend (@LivingLegend148), Kiwi Tutts (@kiwitutts) and Kai (@haitchwir) with guest Dan Hinkles (@5starwrestlin)

RassleKast- Episode 91: “Shut Up, Andy!”

SAT 120 - Be A Dildo, Not A Dick!

This week Captain Awesome and T-Mac bring you another episode of the greatest pro wrestling podcast your mother has ever heard.
They run down the week's news and rumors, answer some listener emails, and play Tweet The Table!

All wine Aside - Episode 27 - Moustache breakups and Hot flashes

Hello there. We apoligize with the delay of this episode... Charlie was on Vacation to the West Coast and she's the ONLY ONE able to post these damn things.



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The Tim and Tom Show - Episode 7 - with Kevin Hourihan of The Smoothie Shop

This week Tim and Tom talk to Kevin Hourihan, owner of The Smoothie Shop, about the health benefits and the science behind the booming industry of smoothies!
They also talk about The Royals winning the World Series and the huge parade that followed.
They also talk about the latest news and exciting upcoming events in the City of Fountains!

Nitro Vs Raw 1997

Ant, Wayne and DV sit and watch and episode of Raw and an Episode of nitro and compare the two.

Second Shift: Episode 61 – hitting you with a European uppercut!

Has the Second Shift hit on a new name? Will their be any true stories in the Supersonic Second Shift News? Is their any truth to Andy Anderson's allegations? Can we predict the upcoming main event being teased by 5 Star Wrestling? Does Kai need a phone book to use as a step to get up on his couch? The answers to... most, ok... more like some of these on the show this week.

Your panel... The Living Legend and Kai

NFL Easy Picks: 2015 Week 9


Captain Awesome and T-Mac are super proud of people this week, as they talk about the huge celebration and parade for the Kansas City Royals. They also, of course, talk about the week of professional wrestling, including the news and rumors. They also answer listener emails and play yet another fun round of Tweet The Table.


Old School At The Movies - Episode 133 - Back To The Future 2

What's up #OSATM Universe. We're back and better than ever! (cue Eric Bischoff Music) This week our show is dedicated to Back To The Future 2!


RassleKast- Episode 90: “No News Is Good News”

Ten2One: Episode 1 – The Pilot

Ten2One is a podcast all about discussing top ten lists. They could be our top tens, or lists we have read elsewhere. They could be top ten curry houses, breeds of dog, sporting events, movie franchises, anything…

Each episode, your hosts will be Iain and Kai, also known as The Living Legend (@livinglegend148) and Haitch (@haitchwir), and they will be joined by a guest, in this case Heavyset (@heavyset330). For the pilot, we’ve each provided a top ten we discuss as well as chatting through one submitted to us.

You can get in touch with us or submit your lists by emailing us: and you can tweet thoughts and comments to us @ten2onepod

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