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RassleKast- Episode 95: “TLC Picks (Now With NO STAIRS)”


A slow week of wrestling and continued studio issues try to strangle this show's positivity, but T-Mac and Captain Awesome won't let that happen! This week they keep looking for the silver linings and keep trying to stay positive and patient by talking about the week's news and rumors, making some picks for TLC, answering listener emails, and a running through a fun round of Tweet The Table!

European Uppercut: Episode 66 – It’s gettin, it’s getting’, it’s gettin’ kinda Heavy!

The first two man episode to feature one Brit and one American, this episode has emails, the Not so Knockout News, a wee chat about a certain Scottish wrestler, a look ahead with picks for WWE TLC and more...

The panel: The Living Legend (@livinglegend148) and Heavyset (@heavyset330)

NFL Easy Picks: 2015 Week 14

Toons Game Time: December to Remember

This week on Game Time, Brian is joined by Ryan Hamner of as they discuss the latest news from the video game world.

Kojimo is a no-show at The Game Awards 2015 thanks to Konami "lawyering up."
Final Fantasy VII will be coming at us in installments.
Playstation is releasing a messenger app.
and much, much more.

Plus, Ryan and Brian discuss the trends from 2015 that they'd like to see continue OR go away.


On this quick 5-minute clip, Captain Awesome is just screwing around in the studio just to see if they indeed fixed the problems that were causing the technical difficulties that ruined Episode 122, so don't listen if you don't want to. It's just something to test the system. Or listen... why not? Hopefully it works and it will continue to do so when we bring you Episode 124 later this week!

The Yes Talk Pro Wrestling Podcast: Ep 26

WWE Live
 The League of Nations
 Sheamus the Clown Not The Celtic Warrior
 My trip to the house show,
 Kevin Owens vs Dean Ambrose, Dudley's vs The Wyatt Family
 Charlotte with Ric Flair
 "What's Up with These Guys?" Zeb Colter/Lana and Stardust vs Goldust
 Raw Re-Cappuccino
 TLC 2015 Breakdown

European Uppercut: Episode 65 – Focus on British Indies…

Our first episode with our new name... and we are putting the spotlight on our local indie companies... as well as emails, the newly named Not-so Knockout News and more...

Your panel: The Living Legend (@livinglegend148), Kai (@haitchwir), Kiwi Tutts (@kiwitutts), Adam Pearson (@adam_pearson) and PK (@PK_BWC)

NFL Easy Picks: 2015 Week 13

RassleKast- Episode 94: “RassleKast 69:15 says “Andy Sucks Dick”"

SAT 123 - Captain Is The Cancer

This week the boys go studio-hopping trying to find one that will not force them to battle the dreaded TECHNICAL DIFFICULTIES from the previous week. They finally settle down in something the looks more like a closet than a studio, but they manage to get the show recorded for your listening pleasure. You should express your gratitude in the form of PayPal donations to!
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