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The Tutts Experience (Episode 52 - We’ll Miss You Sir Terry)

Thank you for listening and downloading the Tutts Experience Podcast. 
This is a personal journal podcast from Ciaran Tuttiett. 
Today in this episode - Ciaran pays tribute to one of the greatest British and Irish Broadcasters of all time! Sir Terry Wogan 
Also, we take a look at the current entries for the 2016 Eurovision Song Contest. 
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European Uppercut: Episode 71 – Royal Rumble Results and more…

This week we look back at our thoughts of everything that happened at the Royal Rumble, as well as your emails, the One That Got Away, the Not-so Knockout News and the Dick of the Week...

Your panel: The Living Legend (@livinglegend148), Kai (@haitchwir) and Adam Pearson (@adam_pearson)

SquabbleBox Episode 15 – 29 January 2016

This week, hosts Kai Valentine and Maisie Anderson discuss the new Doctor Who showrunner, the ways we like to communicate, and an interview with BBC and Channel 4 presenter, DSJNP’s own, Adam Pearson about ‘Adam Pearson: Freak Show’ and Tricks of the Restaurant Trade’.

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