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T-Mac and Captain Awesome debut their new R&B duo act that they're about to take on tour. They also discuss how T-Mac might have to take the Spanish Announce Table on the road thanks to his job. Captain surprises T-Mac with a new segment for the show, and T-Mac might be in love!

Old School At The Movies - Episode 140 - Heavyset’s Ghostbusters and TMNT Rant

a 30 minute Ghostbusters and TMNT commentary brought to you by it's most passionate fan, Heavyset!


SquabbleBox Episode 20 - 4th March 2016

The show that aired on Siren 107.3fm on Friday. This week we ask, can you believe that there is a new Finding Dory trailer?

Our Buzzword is Petitions and Kickstarters and we talk to Jude and Steve Jones from Saxonhouse.

European Uppercut: Episode 76 – On the Road To WrestleMania

A bit of a different episode this week, Kai takes the hotseat for this 2-man episode in Living Legend's absence. We have a bunch of emails and start trying to fill out the WrestleMania card...

Your Panel: Kai (@haitchwir) and Rocky Mountain High (@rmtnhigh)

All Beer Inside Episode 5 - Patricia Hy-Boulais

The Douche bags are back! Karp hosts this episode as we pick our Zombie Apocalypse team, and we drink a lot.


Anything Goes- Episode 12: “Titanic 2 and Leo”

RassleKast- Episode 107: “There Is No H in Spacesuit”


Captain Awesome and T-Mac hilariously analyze this week in professional wrestling by covering the latest news, answer listener emails, and play a fun round of Tweet The Table, while lamenting an impending Donald Trump presidency. They even squeeze in a quick discussion on what you might likely see happen, before you ever witness a Daniel Bryan Body Slam.
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