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SquabbleBox Episode 43 - 30th June 2016 (Superstitions)

Kai and Maisie talk about their big move this week and discuss SUPERSITITIONS!

SquabbleBox Episode 42 - 27th June 2016 #AskUsAnything

It's Monday, and that means it's time to #AskUsAnything! We answer all your questions live on the air.


Captain Awesome and T-Mac bring you another great show this week! It's so great that Captain Awesome can't even remember what episode it is or even what time of year it is! 


RassleKast - Episode 124: “Andy likes… what?!”

Join us as we breakdown this week in wrestling!

Segments Include:
Keep, Toss, or Improve
What's On!
Best of the Week!

CFL Easy Picks - Episode 2

Week 1 recap of the CFL season, Karp breaks down the main differences between the CFL and the NFL, and our picks for Week 2!

SquabbleBox Episode 41 - 23rd June 2016 (Dating Shows)

SquabbleBox is here! Join Kai and Maisie as they discuss your favourite DATING SHOWS!

The Tutts Experience (Episode 57 - Brexit)

Thank you for downloading and listening to the Tutts Experience. 

This is a personal journal podcast from Ciaran Tuttiett. 


Ciaran talks about the whole EU Referendum fall out in the United Kingdom. The Labour Party are in a mess and David Cameron is leaving as Prime Minister. So, Ciaran gives his thoughts and hopes the future is going to be ok for the country that he loves. 


Ciaran takes a look at a Eurovision year from the past...



Also, we take a look at a WWE Professional Wrestler/Tag Team from the past....

Men on a Mission (Mabel, Oscar and Mo) 


Plus, lots of music from various artists from around the world! 


Twitter - @TuttsExperience

Facebook -

Email - 


LU-CHAT 051 Chatting Lucha Underground

Fin Fish hosts episode 051 of LU-CHAT a podcast that chats all about Lucha Underground. The full recap and review of Lucha Underground season 2 episode 21 titled 'Six To Survive' and episode 22 titled 'Fame & Fortune' Lucha news. Who's looking to chit chat. My time at WWE MITB, Fish family reunion, The main event has been set, Prince Pumas plans for Ultima Lucha dos,  And some much more. 
So if you want to chat?
Find me on twitter
Send an email to or
Call or text the Lu-Chat line

Old School At The Movies - Episode 149

On this weeks show we talk some Beverly Hills Cop news, we discuss the online petition to change
Spider-man's Russian dubbed voice, We debate rumors of Donald Glover becoming the next Spider-man, and we review X-Men and TMNT 2


European Uppercut: Episode 90 - Perro Idiots!

Another stacked show as the guys break down Money in the Bank, Raw and ofcourse the big news stories of the week!


Host: Kai Valentine (@HaitchWIR) alongside Adam Pearson (@Adam_Pearson), PK (@PK_1up) and Living Legend (@LivingLegend148)


This week Captain Awesome and T-Mac celebrate the return of their sound clips and they discuss their love for the great city of Cleveland!


CFL Easy Picks - Episode 1

Brought to you by - Yes we actually made this into a podcast. Episode 1 explains the history and rules of the CFL (Canadian Football League), and we also breakdown all 9 teams in our 2016 season preview. To join in the fun tweet @CFLEASYPICKS with your weekly selections.

1-Up Heads Up: June 22, 2016

Brian has some big news this week (But you have to wait until the end of the show for it).

Plus, he and Ryan discuss a little of the fallout from e3 and more breaking news from the video game industry.

[] Vivendi continues its UbiSoft assault
[] Developers don't know much about Project Scorpio...or Playstation's Neo
[] Warcraft - the movie - made its money, but is spiralling fast
[] Criterion is now working with EA on Star Wars stuff
[] A new Nintendo-centric book on Kickstarter is MUST HAVE

RassleKast - Episode 123: “The Guy, The Man, The Dude… and The First Lady!”

Join us this week as we discuss the Non-serious world of Professional Wrestling!

Segments Include:

Keep, Toss, or Improve
What's on!
Money in the Bank Picks Review
Best of the Week
twitter: @rasslekast

SquabbleBox Episode 40 - 20th June 2016 #AskUsAnything

It's Monday, It's SquabbleBox and they answer the biggest question we will be asked to answer this week...

Cake or Pie?



All Beer Inside Episode 7 - Robots and Dicks

This week we talk virtual reality sex machines, we play 90s themed "Marry, Fuck Kill", and we complete the name draft for 2016.


SAT 151 - The Naked Show

T-Mac and Captain Awesome invite Joe Kelly back into the studio and they all do the show NAKED! 

European Uppercut: Episode 89 – The one with all the pay per views

A stacked episode this week, we battled through various recording issues to bring over two hours that contains news, emails, a look back at NXT Takeover:The End, TNA Slammiversary and picks for Money in the Bank and soooo much more!

Your panel: The Living Legend (@livinglegend148), Kai (@haitchwir) and Kiwi Tutts (@kiwitutts)

SquabbleBox Episode 39 - 16th June 2016

SquabbleBox - An interactive entertainment show on Siren 107.3fm!

RassleKast - Episode 122: “ALBERTO DOOOORITOOO!!!”

Join us this week as we review the results of NXT Takeover: The End, Money In The Bank Picks, and other topics in this Non-Serious World of Professional Wrestling!

Segments include:
Keep, Toss, or Improve
What's On?
(Takeover Picks Review, MitB Picks)
Best of the Week!
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