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SquabbleBox Episode 45 - 7th July 2016 (Talk Shows)

Thanks for the updates, we have fixed the second half of this weeks show, we are talking about TALK SHOWS!!!


Captain Awesome has to leave town for a week so he and T-Mac have to do the show a day early. So, they bring you an exclusive interview featuring Jeremy Wyatt and Michael Strider in the same room at the same time, merely weeks before their big showdown at Metro Pro Wrestling. The four of them discuss the history of their current feud and previous storylines and even touch on some wrestling philosophy.

LU-CHAT 052 Chatting Ultima Lucha dos

Fin Fish hosts episode 052 of LU-CHAT a podcast that chats all about Lucha Underground. The full recap and review of Lucha Underground season 2 episode 23  titled 'The Phoenix The Dragon The Spaceman' and episode 24 titled 'Ultima Lucha dos part1Lucha news. Who's looking to chit chat?  And some much more. 
So if you want to chat?
Find me on twitter
Send an email to or
Call or text the Lu-Chat line

SquabbleBox Episode 46 - 11th July 2016 #AskUsAnything

The big questions are asked this week, including what would you name a penguin? How do you kidnap the Andrex puppy? and is Maisie single?


Send your questions to @SquabbleBox on Twitter #AskUsAnything.

1-Up Heads Up: July 10, 2016

Gotta Catch 'Em All. The video game world has gone loco over Pokemon and Brian and Ryan talk about that and other news from the video game industry.

PlayStation is losing a key member of upper management, Bethesda is set to demo an interesting DLC pack for Fallout 4, Doctors Without Borders is getting yet another big donation from the gaming community, the owners of Counter-Strike are staring a serious ethical and potentially ground-breaking legal problem in the face after an arrogant YouTube faux-pology and the ridiculousness surrounding Pokemon GO.

Hangin’ With Heavy- Episode 5: “Rock”

The Week In Review has been around for many years. "Hanging With Heavy" is a spin-off podcast to the AWWIR. On this show, we get to know the names, voices, and personalities of the Week In Review. 
Long standing (or sitting) member of the show, Heavy seT, invites these individuals to let us into their lives for more than just a 90 sec clip each week.

Rasslekast Episode 125 - “Patrachism”

Join us as we breakdown this week in wrestling!

Segments Include:
Keep, Toss, or Improve
What's On!
Best of the Week!
Beat Up John Cena!


This week Captain Awesome finds himself in rare waters with spare time on his hands and T-Mac has to snap him out of it. Also your esteemed hosts talk about their plans to beat up John Cena.


CFL Easy Picks - Episode 3

Week 2 recap of the CFL season, An Alouettes player gets into some hot water with the league, and our picks for Week 3!

European Uppercut Podcast: Episode 92 - Mark not Mike!

This week on the European Uppercut Podcast, we break down the news and rumours of the week alongside a special focus on NXT call ups, success and failures, and we play KILLER!


Host: Kai Valentine (@HaitchWIR)

Alongside Co-Hosts:  Adam Pearson (@Adam_Pearson) and a surprise guest!

SquabbleBox Episode 44 - 4th July 2016 #AskUsAnything

SquabbleBox #AskUsAnything

Kai's in hospital, so we are pre-recording this week! Kai and Maisie answer your questions from the facebook fan page and the twitter @SquabbleBox.


European Uppercut Podcast: Episode 91 - Finishing Heavy

This week on the European Uppercut Podcast, in a week where the rest of the world tries to crack jokes at the irony of our name without understanding geography, the boys discuss their favourite and least favourite finishing moves, read your emails, break down the news, and Kiwi faces Adam is a game of 'WHO AM I?!'.


Host: Kai Valentine: @HaitchWIR

Panel of Co-Hosts:

Adam Pearson: @Adam_Pearson

Kiwi Tutts: @KiwiTutts


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