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Eurovision Showcase on Forest FM (3rd September 2017)

Thank you for listening and downloading the Eurovision Showcase on Forest FM. 

Hosted by Ciaran Tuttiett on Sunday 3rd September 2017. 


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STFU Episode 36 - It’s a Phipha Loom!

This week the Platonic Duo dig deep as they "interview" each other, Charlie has a crazy lunch with C-Money, and we play another round of "Dis or Dat"


Wrestling Cheers- Episode 14: “Wrestlerager 2 The Deathmatch!”

Wrestling Cheers: " Where Everyone Knows Your Name"

Justin (@HeavyseT330) is joined by long time AIW fan, Ed Battes (@EdBattes), and they discuss last week's "Wrestlerager 2: Electric Boogaloo" from "Now That's Class". Did Danny Havoc win the Absolute Championship and Is the championship going to be put up in a deathmatch tournment? or Did #DonstWinsLoL reign supreme?


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