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Wrestling Cheers- Episode 55: “Burgers, Beers, Day 1 of JLIT, and The Ringside Guys (Review/Interview)”

On this episode, Justin (@HeavyseT330) sets up the podcast equipment in the middle of the tailgating before Day 2 of JLIT, which was being hosted by The Tailgate Guys (@RingsideGuys). Kayden (@KVR216) and Dustin (RevTinTin) tag in and out as we review the results of Day 1 of JLIT. Before we end the show, Brock of The Tailgate Guys joins us to disscuss podcasting equipment, AIW, and all of the tailgates that that have hosted.


Upcoming Events:

-AIW: Grado & Dick Excellent Adventure- 6/22

-OCW: Supernova- 6/23

-OCW: Buzzbin- 7/20

-OCW: Wrestlefest- 7/21

-Dropkick Diabetes 4- 7/22

-AIW: Absolution XIII- 7/27


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