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SAT 197 - I Lost My Hug

T-Mac is happy again as he and Captain Awesome return for another week of discussing the hottest news, rumors, and results of the professional wrestling week. 


SAT 196 - Who Angry

Captain Awesome and T-Mac sit down to talk about another week of wrestling and T-Mac even gets WHO angry!


SAT 195 - I, T-MAC

Captain Awesome and T-Mac lead you through another week of professional wrestling; talking about all the biggest news, results, and rumors.


SAT 194 - Ron The Show Hughley Interview

Captain Awesome and T-Mac interview Ron the Show Hughleuy of 610 Sports in Kansas City. Hughley, a long-time professional wrestling fan discusses WrestleMania and the economic impact it has on the host city. He then discusses why, and how, Kansas City should build a new stadium capable of hosting WrestleMania. Also, they break down the results, news, and rumors of this week of professional wrestling as well!


SAT 193 - Im Freddy Mercury and Mike Tyson

Coming off of WrestleMania week, Captain Awesome and T-Mac have a lot to talk about, including the most #TweetTheTable submissions in show history!


SAT 192 - Up Down!

Captain Awesome and T-Mac record the show from Up Down KC for the NWL Nintendo 64 No Mercy Tournament. Amid all the chaos, they managed to review the week of wrestling and preview WrestleMania!



SAT 191 - The Mad Ox

Captain Awesome and T-Mac cover the biggest news and rumors in the week of professional wrestling, including the Paige sex tape scandal. 


SAT 190 - Jeff Ashworth Interview

T-Mac and Captain Awesome interview Jeff Ashworth, Editor in Chief of the new book The WWE Book of Rules (And How To Break Them), about the unique format of the book and his time working for WWE Magazine. 

They also break down the week of wrestling like only they can.



T-Mac and Captain Awesome are back in their studio(s) for this episode and they review Fastlane, Raw, and Smackdown and many other pro wrestling topics of the week.




Captain Awesome and T-Mac apologize for the late show and the echo you will hear throughout. We did the show in a room at the Scottish Rite Temple before the latest National Wrasslin' League show. But lateness and echo will not degrade the level of entertainment you are used to from The Spanish Announce Table. 



T-Mac and Captain Awesome discuss the week of wrestling, and the challenge to bait T-Mac out of battle rap retirement continues. 



Captain Awesome and T-Mac interview Ryan Loco about his new project called the Two Way Dance Podcast, designed to help ECW stars with things like medical bills.


SAT 185 - A Podcast and a Fishing Pole

Captain Awesome an T-Mac discuss all the biggest news, results, and rumors in the world of professional wrestling.


SAT 184 - Matt “Pierre Abernathy” Jackson Interview

This episode, Captain Awesome and T-Mac interview NWL STL's Matt Jackson, most recently known as Pierre Abernathy about his wrestling career and his new role in the National Wrasslin' League.


SAT 183 - Major Baisden Interview

Captain Awesome and T-Mac call up Major Baisden, President of the National Wrasslin' League and interview him about some business aspects of starting a new wrestling company. They also make some Royal Rumble predictions and talk about a whole week's worth of wrestling topics. 


SAT 182 - 12 DVDs For A Jumpstart

Captain Awesome and T-Mac battle through more technical difficulties this week as T-Mac's headphones decided to stop working. But, that doesn't stop them from bringing you the best pro wrestling podcast in the BIZAHNESS!


SAT 181 - The Monarch Jeremy Wyatt & Travis Scott Bowden Interviews

This week the fellas bring their old friend of the show Jeremy Wyatt back on the show to talk about the latest turn in his professional wrestling career. They also play an interview from this past weekend with the Vice President of Marketing for the National Wrasslin' League Travis Bowden. They also talk about the biggest happening in the world of professional wreslting this week, so turn it up and tell your friends!


SAT 180 - Mark Bland Interview

Captain Awesome and T-Mac kick off the New Year by returning to their regular format and even bringing in St. Louis talk radio host and former wrestler Mark Bland on in the second hour(ish) to discuss wrestling and how much crossover pro wrestling has in real life, including politics.


SAT 179 - New Year’s Resolutions 2016

Captain Awesome and T-Mac bring your their annualy Year in Review episode discussing all the hot topics of 2016 and giving you their New Year's Resolutions for the impending 2017!


SAT 178 - DEAR SANTA 2016

Once again it that time of year again where we sit on Santa's lap and ask him for our Wrestling Christmas wishes!


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