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SquabbleBox Episode 100 - 21st May 2017 (The Final One)

It's EPISODE 100 of SquabbleBox and the final episode on Siren 107.3FM.





SquabbleBox Episode 99 - 14th May 2017 (99 Problems & Bonus Interview with BBC’s Tom Binns)

This week on SquabbleBox, Kai and Maisie celebrate 99 episodes of SquabbleBox with 99 problems they have with the world!

There is also an added bonus of an interview Kai conducted earlier this week with the creator and star of BBC1's hit new sitcom Hospital People - Tom Binns!



SquabbleBox Episode 98 - 7th May 2017 (Special Guests: Mega May Music Day)

This morning for SquabbleBox #SundayBreakfast we did things a little differently as Kai was joined by Chris (Maisie is skiving!) and they look at some of their favourite MUSIC! As this week's is a music based show, we've left the whole songs in :)


We are also joined by Laura and Daryl from Mega May Music Day to talk all about their upcoming event.

SquabbleBox Episode 97 - 30th April 2017 (History)

You and me got a whole lot of HISTORY!




SquabbleBox Episode 96 - 23rd April 2017 (Fiction)

SquabbleBox #SundayBreakfast discuss their favourite Fiction!

SquabbleBox Episode 95 - 16th April 2017 (Easter Sunday)

It's time for another edition of SquabbleBox #SundayBreakfast and this week, Kai and Maisie discuss EASTER!

SquabbleBox Episode 94 - 9th April 2017 (Animals)

The SquabbleBoxyThingy discuss everything to do with ANIMALS!




SquabbleBox Episode 93 - 2nd April 2017 (Lincoln & FFW’s Dishonourable Dave Isaac returns!)

SquabbleBox Sunday Breakfast is here and Kai is reunited with Maisie as they talk about the city that this show was born in and grown in, LINCOLN!


We are Lincoln's First Community Radio Station after all!





SquabbleBox Episode 92 - 26th March 2017 (Mothers Day Special)

Maisie's away but the show goes on, as team Kai and Chris, Chris and Kai unite for a Mothers Day special featuring... our Mums!

SquabbleBox Episode 91 - 12th March 2017 (Zombie Plans)

SquabbleBox is here for another week, and Kai and Maise discuss their plans for when a Zombie Apocolypse hits Lincoln.





SquabbleBox Episode 90 - 5th March 2017 (#AskUsAnything is back!)

SquabbleBox is pre-recorded - and ASK US ANYTHING is BACK!

SquabbleBox Episode 89 - 26th February 2017 (Arts & Crafts + Sarah Anderson/Clic Sargent Interview)

This week on SquabbleBox #SundayBreakfast, Kai and Maisie discuss Arts and Crafts, and speak with Sarah Anderson from The Ritz Lincoln about their upcoming family fun-day in aid of Clic Sargent.

SquabbleBox Episode 88 - 19th February 2017 (Health & Beauty)

Kai and Maisie discuss Health and Beauty, on a day when Kai is feeling not so healthy or beautiful!

SquabbleBox Episode 87 - 12th February 2017 (Cartoons & Bonus Interview w/ Dr Guy Meadows)

This week on SquabbleBox, Kai and Maisie discuss their favourite CARTOONS!

Stay tuned at the end of the episode as we have a special bonus interview Kai conducted with Good Morning Britain's Dr Guy Meadows.

SquabbleBox Episode 86 - 5th February 2017 (Cult Classics)

Maisie and Kai discuss Cult Classics on Siren 107.3FM.

SquabbleBox Episode 85 - 29th January 2017 (1990’s)

SquabbleBox is here for your #SundayBreakfast show and are talking all about the year they were born... the Nineties!

SquabbleBox Episode 84 - 22nd January 2017 (#Sports and Interview w/ FFW & WAW star Dale ‘The Model’ Preston)

This morning for #SundayBreakfast SquabbleBox, Kai and Maisie discuss SPORTS! From Darts to Football, Hockey to Quidich, we cover it all!

The Breakfast duo also chat with British Wrestling Legend Dale 'The Model' Preston, about his unusual rekindleship with Dutch, his early career... and even that time he almost got sued by the Chipendales. Dale is here to promote Fight Factory Wrestling's next event 'Origins' at the Engine Shed in Lincoln.




SquabbleBox Episode 83 - 15th January 2017 (#BestFriendTag)

Kai and Maisie play the #BestFriendTag and see which of them is the better friend!

A 1 Hour #BiteSizeBox episode!

We are back to a 2 hour LIVE show next week!





SquabbleBox Episode 82 - 8th January 2017 (#Songsof2016)

Kai and Maisie spend their New Year pre-record episode looking at their personal favourite songs of 2016.






SquabbleBox Episode 81 - 1st January 2017 (New Years Special)

It's 2017 and the SquabbleBox team are looking back on the year that was 2016!





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