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SquabbleBox Episode 60 - 29th August 2016 #AskUsAnything

This week, Kai and Maisie are pre-recorded, answer your questions and play the best friend quiz.

SquabbleBox Episode 59 - 25th August 2016 (#FirstWorldProblems & Fight Factory Wrestling UK)

Kai and Maisie are live in the studio and discussing #FirstWorldProblems and speaking to Eliza Roux and DDI from Fight Factory Wrestling UK.

SquabbleBox Episode 58 - 22nd August 2016 #AskUsAnything

In one of our favourite episodes to date, Kai and Maisie answer your questions with #AskUsAnything as Kai tries to pretend he wasn't up until 5am watching Summerslam!


SquabbleBox Episode 57 (Romance & Roy Castle Lung Foundation)

We had some terrible luck with technical difficulties today, but that is live radio for you!

Unfortunately we lost a large chunk of the show, but we didn't want you to miss out on the fantastic interview with Susan Kilburn Edwards and the Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation.

SquabbleBox Episode 56 - 15th August 2016 #AskUsAnything

It's time to #AskUsAnything!



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SquabbleBox Episode 55 - 11th August 2016 (Olymics & South Lincolnshire Girlguiding)

This week on SquabbleBox, Kai and Maisie discuss the Rio 2016 Olympics and speak with Bex Mezzo from South Lincolnshire Girlguiding.

SquabbleBox Episode 54 - 8th August 2016 #AskUsAnything

We're pre-recorded today! Not that it makes much of a difference to you listening here on Trending Topics Network!



SquabbleBox Episode 53 - 4th August 2016 (Sci-Fi & Ben Keaton)

This week on SquabbleBox, Kai and Maisie discuss Sci-Fi and are joined in the studio by award winning comedian, actor, comedian and Father Ted star Ben Keaton.

SquabbleBox Episode 52 - 1st August 2016 #AskUsAnything

It's #AskUsAnything this lovely Monday morning! Kai and Maisie answer all your questions!


SquabbleBox Episode 51 - 28th July 2016 (Game Shows)

This week, Kai and Maisie fight with the servers to get the show on the air and discuss your favourite game shows!

SquabbleBox Episode 50! - 25th July 2016 #AskUsAnything

We are celebrating 50 Episodes in style, by answering your questions, offending NFL fans with our ignorance and generally having a laugh!



SquabbleBox Episode 49 - 21st July 2016 (Summer!)

Kai and Maisie discuss Facebook Messenger, Terry Pratchet and our main topic, your favourite things about SUMMER!

SquabbleBox Episode 48 - 18th July 2016 #AskUsAnything

It's time to #AskUsAnything!


SquabbleBox Open Day Special! - 16th July 2016

This Saturday, we had an open day at Siren FM, so presented a special SquabbleBox dedicated to your music requests, Pokémon, GhostBusters and Idris Elba!


Listen now!

SquabbleBox Episode 47 - 14th July 2016 (Pokemon and The 90’s!)

This week on SquabbleBox! Kai and Maisie discuss Pokémon Go and the 1990's!



SquabbleBox Episode 45 - 7th July 2016 (Talk Shows)

Thanks for the updates, we have fixed the second half of this weeks show, we are talking about TALK SHOWS!!!

SquabbleBox Episode 46 - 11th July 2016 #AskUsAnything

The big questions are asked this week, including what would you name a penguin? How do you kidnap the Andrex puppy? and is Maisie single?


Send your questions to @SquabbleBox on Twitter #AskUsAnything.

SquabbleBox Episode 44 - 4th July 2016 #AskUsAnything

SquabbleBox #AskUsAnything

Kai's in hospital, so we are pre-recording this week! Kai and Maisie answer your questions from the facebook fan page and the twitter @SquabbleBox.


SquabbleBox Episode 43 - 30th June 2016 (Superstitions)

Kai and Maisie talk about their big move this week and discuss SUPERSITITIONS!

SquabbleBox Episode 42 - 27th June 2016 #AskUsAnything

It's Monday, and that means it's time to #AskUsAnything! We answer all your questions live on the air.