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Game Face ep 7

Special Guests; ObeWanJabrone and PK Punk

Topics of Discussion: Gamestop and their early order program. PS Vita and the life it may or may not lead.  Twich being bought by Google

Game Face Episode 6

E3 Conference wrap up

Host: Brian from toons
Guests: Mr OldSchool and PipertheDJ

Game Face ep 5

Special Guest: Midnight Angel

To[ic to discuss: Paintball

Game Face ep 4

From Sam:

From Obe:

Soul Caliber

Tekken Games

From Piper:

Game Face ep 3

Guests ObeWan, and Brian

Topics, Facebook buys Oculus Rift VR, ET going Home? Wii U vs Wii Sorry

Game Face Ep 2

Special Guests: ObiWan, Joe from Chicago, Pook Ninja

Game face Ep 1

Special Guests ObiWan and PK Punk

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