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Wrestling Cheers- Episode 214: “Jef Toon from The Fully Poseable Podcast”

On this episode, We are joined by Jef Toon from The Fully Poseable Wrestling Figure Podcast (@FullyPoseable). Join Justin (@JSummers330) and Jef as they discuss wrestling figures, sports, and more! 


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Toons Game Time: Buying Season/Top Stories of 2015

This week, Brian is joined by Ryan from as they discuss the latest news from the video game world before turning their attentions to the biggest news stories from the year that was 2015.

You know. Because things other than Hideo Kojima and Konami's divorce from each other actually happened. and #ToonsGT

News Covered:
- Activision Blizzard purchased Major League Gaming
- The Oculus Rift will cost $600
- Sony has over 100 games in development for PlayStation VR
- Psychonauts 2 hit its crowdfunding goal on Fig
- Just Cause 3 is causing headaches for Chinese pirates

For all continuously updated show notes, CLICK HERE 

Toons Game Time: December to Remember

This week on Game Time, Brian is joined by Ryan Hamner of as they discuss the latest news from the video game world.

Kojimo is a no-show at The Game Awards 2015 thanks to Konami "lawyering up."
Final Fantasy VII will be coming at us in installments.
Playstation is releasing a messenger app.
and much, much more.

Plus, Ryan and Brian discuss the trends from 2015 that they'd like to see continue OR go away.

Toons Game Time: Fixin’ Things

This week on Toons Game Time, Brian uncovers a bunch of video game news centered around developers trying to fix their various mistakes, and one awesome guy who has created a couple of the tools from Assassin's Creed that would likely get the majority of us arrested. So, naturally, we want them.

Plus, Brian talks about what Game Time's 10 More Minutes is and where (besides the obvious you'll be able to find it.

Toons Game Time: Arrested Developments

Brian rides solo again to bring you the latest news from the video game world.

Riot Games is making it harder for "toxic" personalities to create new accounts and that's a great thing.

Uncharted 4 marks the end of an era and, in doing so, has caused much heartache at Naughty Dog.

Sources close to Nintendo's mysterious NX project say its hardware will be "industry-leading" and will somehow incorporate both console and mobile components.

Fallout 4 makes the Vita a must-have device and Bethesda has released its recommended specs for PC gamers who plan on buying the upcoming game.

Plus, Brian reviews Transformers Devastation.

Toons Game Time: Couldn’t Be Much Beta

This week on Toons' Game Time, Brian goes solo and discusses some of the latest video game news and tells you a little about Star Wars Battlefront Beta and Mad Max.

Ubisoft messed up.....again. But don't expect them to admit it.

Black Ops III's developer had an interesting marketing campaign that went awry.

The holidays are coming. As are price cuts on systems and console bundles galore. Plus, one MAJOR retailer is doing the right thing.

All that and more on this week's Toons Game Time!

Toons Game Time: Hyped

Toons Game Time comes on a Monday this week as Brian and Ryan Noble discuss the latest video game news.

There's all kinds of hype surrounding Metal Gear Solid V, Minecraft Story Mode, a Borderlands movie, and YouTube Gaming. Meanwhile, Star Citizen fans get a little taste after months of frustration and Mortal Kombat fans get slapped down.

All this and more on Toons Game Time.

Toons Game Time: The Past is the Future?

The times they are a'changing and this week on Game Time, Brian and Ryan Hamner discuss a number of news items that illustrate how both the future and the past have become the present.

Nintendo's NX Project patent has been revealed and there is a vital component missing....or is it? Mega Man is getting some new life this week. Some major YouTube personalities are afoul of the law. The Game Awards are returning this December.

All that and more, including this week's game releases, on Toons Game Time.

Toons Game Time: Like a Boss

Where is this week's Game Time you ask? Here it is. Our writers, editors and producers have all been fired....and re-hired due to lack of interest in the job. Better late than never.

Brian was joined this past Friday by the great (and lovable) Canadian Ryan Noble as they discussed many topics. The American Psycological Association has linked video games and violent behavior.....again. Patrick Kane has been removed from the cover of NHL16. A whole bunch of Amiibos will work with Super Mario Maker and much much more.

Plus, what makes a good boss and how should that aspect of video gaming evolve? The discussion is ripe for creative minds. Weigh in with your own opinions today.

Toons Game Time: Erasing Kane

This week on Toons Game Time, Brian is joined by Mart (@only1mart) and Adam (@Adam_Pearson). They discuss the some of the latest news in video games. Dice Games announced Star Wars Battlefront's dogfight mode, Nintendo revealed the next wave of Amiibo, the Dota 2 Championships are wrapping up this weekend and some big money is up for grabs, and one of EASports' NHL 16 cover boys is potentially in some deep trouble.

All that and more on this week's Toons Game Time.

Toons Game Time: Fallout 400 New Vega

In this mini episode of Toons Game Time, Brian briefly covers new Fallout 4 product info, Street Fighter V's latest character reveal and Konami's continued self-mutilation before covering some of the awesome A to Z Game responses he has received.

Plus, cancer sucks so visit and help the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.

Toons Game Time: Guano and Other Shit

This week on Game Time, Ryan Hamner tried to be on the show. But couldn't. So Brian and Mart trudged on, covering the week's news including Sotaru Itawa's death, EA and the NCAA's lost lawsuit, the return of the Commodore 64 (sort of) and more.

They also review some of the recent games they've been playing: Batman Arkham Knight, DriveClub PS Plus Edition, Rocket League and Mortal Kombat X's Predator DLC.

Share your thoughts by tweeting the show with #ToonsGT.

Toons Game Time E3 Wrap-Up Show

This week on Toons Game Time, Brian is joined by Mart, Tucker and Ryan as they discuss the recently wrapped up E3 show in Los Angeles.

The conference was huge, as usual, and the guys talk about what games sound the most interesting, the spots where each company missed the mark and what was missing from the show.

Weigh in with your own thoughts at

And go to sleep, Mart.

Toons Game Time E3 Preview (Sony Edition)

This week on Toons Game Time, Brian and Ryan Hamner of the Johnny Goodtimes Fun Factory podcast discuss Sony and the upcoming E3 Conference. They discuss things like VR and Project Morpheus, the strength of the platform's exclusive content, upcoming movies related to Sony properties and they discover their mutual nerd tendencies toward the Star Wars franchise.

All that an much more on this edition of Toons Game Time, part of the Trending Topics Network. Find more Toons content at

Toons Game Time: E3 Preview (Microsoft Edition)(Updated)

This podcast episode has been updated with the correct audio file.

After a brief hiatus - no thanks to major laptop issues - Brian returns for Toons Game Time for a look at the upcoming E3 Show in Los Angeles. To help him discuss Microsoft's year and plans for the future, Brian brings along Tucker and PK who both have a vested interest in the show as XBox One owners.

For more information on Toons, ToonsChux, Toons Game Time and the rest of the TrendingTopicsNetwork, visit and

Toons: Hi, Pathetic Al!

This week on Toons, Jack and Brian tackle News That Nobody Can Use, some hypothetical questions from our friends at All Wine Aside (and some that we stole from the interwebz), and do a round a Are You Freakin Kidding Me.

Sure it took Brian a few days to edit a couple of recording issues, but Welcome to the Weekend anyway.

Toons Game Time (S1.10) w/ @Evil_Shero

Brian returns from a brief hiatus - along with his Toons/ConstruxNunchux/PensInitiative compadre Paul - to bring you the latest news from the video game industry.

On the table for this week:
 - Finalists for the Video Game Hall of Fame were announced
 - Microsoft and Unity join forces for the HoloLens
 - Steam is about to get its first Adults-Only rated game
 - Android's Ouya is up for sale. Who should be interested?
 - Sony's Golden Week is filled with great deals.

Links to all these stories and more can be found at

Toons: April Toons’ Day!

On this special edition of Toons, Jack and Brian rock the airwaves and talk about the holiday that some people might say is named after them.

The guys talk about some of their favorite pranks, do a round of Are You Freakin Kidding Me and much much more!

TGT: Toons Game Time (S1.09) ToeJam Telethon

This week on Toons Game Time, Brian and Ryan Noble discuss the latest news and notes from the video game industry.

More importantly, they try to get the ToeJam & Earl Kickstarter campaign over the top so that the classic series can find its way to next-gen consoles.

Sign up now for one of the three panels that will cover E3 in June. Do so using the contact form at the newly designed!

FIXED IT! Toons’ St. Patrick’s Day Spectacular

NOTE: This is the audio-corrected version of the Toons episode from last week.

This episode of Toons w/ Jack and Brian is a mess. A hot, beautiful mess. The guys decide that, naturally, the best way to celebrate St. Patrick's Day is to do a drunk edition of Toons.

Thanks to the logistical nightmare that IS the American tradition of changing clocks, Brian brought Mart - who was waking up at 2 AM England time to drink with the guys - on an hour later than he expected to.

But Jack, Brian and Mart tackle the subject of Irish history, lore and tradition with all the grace and reverence that you would expect from them.........once they've imbibed heavily.

Welcome to the Weekend!

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