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Toons: Top of the Weekend To You!

This episode of Toons w/ Jack and Brian is a mess. A hot, beautiful mess. The guys decide that, naturally, the best way to celebrate St. Patrick's Day is to do a drunk edition of Toons.

Thanks to the logistical nightmare that IS the American tradition of changing clocks, Brian brought Mart - who was waking up at 2 AM England time to drink with the guys - on an hour later than he expected to.

But Jack, Brian and Mart tackle the subject of Irish history, lore and tradition with all the grace and reverence that you would expect from them.........once they've imbibed heavily.

Welcome to the Weekend!

Toons Game Time (S1.07) w/ Ryan Noble

Season 1, Episode 7 of Toons Game Time features a few changes. This is the first episode that is recorded on a Friday. It's the first episode that forgoes the Question of the Week as a regular feature. It's the first episode that includes a video game remix in lieu of the Commercial of the Week as well.

But the most important things that are included are the news and the fun.

Brian and guest host Ryan Noble discuss the upcoming development of Rock Band 4 and Fallout 4 - revealing where they think the Fallout series should focus their next storyline - before they even get a chance to tackle today's topics.

They talk about sales figures, people quitting, nefarious hacking activities, people dying while playing video games and in protest of not being allowed to play video games, PS4 updates and something about Mario Party 10. Or something like that.

For more info on how to be a part of Toons Game Time, whether by submitting content or becoming a guest, visit!

TGT: Toons Game Time (S1.06) w/ @Only1Mart

Brian returns from Injury Reserve (Illness/Exhaustion) with his friend Mart as they discuss the latest from the video game industry and there is MUCH to talk about.

Mart gives listeners his impressions of The Order: 1886 before the guys talk about Microsoft's plans for E3, Kanye West's video game venture, Nintendo's Amiibo successes and pending expansion, and a game centered around the exploration of the ill-fated Titanic (that will likely NOT include Kate Winslet's boobs).

Then they'll talk about .... a $386,000 special edition of Dying Light? Eff that noise!

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TGT: Toons Game Time (S1.05) w/ @You_MeAnd_McKee

This week on Toons Game Time, Brian invites Tucker, a new friend in the Toons family, to discuss the latest news and notes from the world of video games. They'll talk about Joystiq's really bad week, Ubisoft's continued missteps and IKEA's venture into puzzle gaming.

Then, the two take a look at digital downloads and the impact they have on the industry as well as reveal some of the games being released in the upcoming week.

TGT: Toons Game Time (S1.04) - No Mo’ Digits

This week's Toons Game Time was pushed back a day and, frankly, could have used a couple more hours. Listeners will find out what Brian is like when he hasn't slept for 21 hours and tries to do a podcast.

Luckily, to help handle the load, Ryan Noble came along and helped save the day as the two talked about the latest video game news including EA's future "Free-To-Start" possibility on consoles, big money changing hands on ebay once again, Microsoft's Windows 10 reveal, Joystiq's decision to move away from rating games and more.

They also go over listeners' answers to last week's Question of the Week, reveal this week's QotW AND tell you what games are being released in the next 14 days or so.

This is the and presentation of Toons Game Time.

TGT: Toons Game Time (S1.03) w/ @PK_BWC

It's Episode 3 of the first season of Game Time and Brian's brought along the man who knows more about the British wrestling scene than most British wrestlers, Paul "PK" Kissock.

It's been awhile since the guys have talked so they catch up a little before diving into stories like Dragon Age: Inquisition's recent stats reveal, Mutant League Football constantly being on the horizon and the stress-relieving, empathy-inducing qualities of Rock Band. And that's before they even begin to discuss whether or not video gaming is a sport.

TGT: Toons Game Time (S1.02) w/@ryannoble66

On this, the second episode of Toons Game Time, Brian welcomes fellow hockey writer/photoshopper/video gamer Ryan Noble to the show.

They discuss various news items from the video games industry, including Microsoft's pseudo-enthusiasm about gamers monetizing their video game streams, Rock Band's first DLC in nearly two years and an NES game that is selling on eBay for nearly $100K.

Later, they'll talk about each system's exclusive titles expected to be released in 2015 and what the Wii U's list of potential hits could mean for the system's future.

TGT: Toons Game Time (S1.01) w/ @Only1Mart

This is the premier episode (Season 1 Episode 1) of Toons Game Talk. Uncensored coverage of the latest news in the video game world.

On this episode, Brian (from Toons) invites this long-time friend from the UK along for the ride and they discuss gamers who lose tons of real money in games, Microsoft's new team of "top secret" developers,'s awesome deal centered around game development courses and Sony's insistence on screwing over its customer base.

They also take a look at the games that are being released in the next couple of weeks.

And they do it all Toons-style.

Question of the Week (to be discussed on next week's show): What games are you looking forward to the most in the next year?

Send your answers to (in text or mp3 form), to Brian on twitter @ToonsBrian, or by messaging the show on Skype at the ID: ToonsShow.

Toons: Back Toons The Future

This week on Toons, Jack and Brian had everything planned out. Then they got word that ESPN's Stuart Scott had passed.

So, for this week's show, the two first discuss Stuart Scott, his battle and what he meant to millions of viewers.

After that, the guys get the show back on track and ask each other 10 questions each about what 2015 holds in store for the world. No avenue is left unexplored and neither have any knowledge of what the other will ask. It's Toons done the way it's meant to be done: spontaneously!

Welcome to the weekend!

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Toons Goes Mobile (Black Friday Special)

Welcome to the four day weekend!

This week on Toons, Jack and Brian discuss some recent current events and Thanksgiving.

Then, we share the conversation that Jack had with Piper the DJ, host of the Trending Topic Network's cell phone/tablet/phablet-focused show, Trending Mobile Technology. The two discuss various deals you can look forward to this Black Friday and beyond.

Toons: @TableShow….Show

This week on Toons, Jack and Brian talked to Captain Awesome and T-Mac of the Spanish Announce Table.

But their conversation did not happen unfettered as, once more, Skype tried to interfere with the festivities, abbreviating the conversation but not the fun.

Toons: Toons-Worthy Feats

This week on Toons, Jack and Brian spend 20 minutes talking before Brian realizes that he never started recording!

After that was cleared up, the guys talked about Nik Wallenda and a host of other amazing feats performed by various humans from all around the world. Tight ropes. Faking comas and paralysis. The "Beer Mile." Brian reading poetry that's not really poetry.

Also, a revisit of the time Brian almost broke a world record of his own in the name of Toons.

Welcome to the Weekend!

Toons: Toons Tech

On this episode of Toons, Jack and Brian take a trip through the history of technology. They're not reinventing the wheel, but they are asking the important questions like "Why did Sega even bother with the Saturn?", "What was that noise that AOL Dial-up made?" and "Why did we sacrifice our backyard to have cable tv?"

Also, the guys finally take the time to eulogize Saturday morning cartoons by telling you what their Top 3 favorite cartoons were.

Welcome to the Weekend!

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Breaking Toons

This week on Toons, Jack and Brian take a look at some strange things in the news. Prenuptual agreements? Spongebob Squarepants? Public Shamings?

Plus, another installment of Jack's Riddle.

Welcome to the Weekend! You're listening to Toons on the Trending Topics Network.

Toons 8000

Toons 8000? Yeah, that's right.

At Toons, Jack and Brian are kind of down on football given all the recent news surrounding the NFL and its players. So they decided that they would offer you some alternatives to the sport of (American) football.

Fortunately, there are over 8000 recognized sports world-wide, so you'll have plenty to pick from!

Remember to hydrate because you're listening to Toons here on the Trending Topics Network!

Toons: Toonsophobia

This week on Toons, Jack and Brian talk about football and irrational fears. The guys offer listeners an opportunity to help them close out the show. Then Brian develops a fear of his own, fear of the post-production process, which results in his not releasing the show for four days.

Boo! You're listening to Toons.

Welcome to the Weekend (sort of).

Toons: Toonspiracy

On this week's Toons, Jack and Brian are joined by Big Josh The Rebel Trucker as they talk about a number of conspiracy theories. From the Shroud of Turin to the JFK assasination, they cover it all. Towards the end of the show, Brian's computer unravels yet another that will go down in the annals of Toons lure as one of the stranger moments we've had.

Welcome to the Weekend!

Toons: Toons Returns - Take 3 …. ACTION!

Jack and Brian give it a go once again in their third attempt to make their way back to the Trending Topics Network.
They discuss moving, ways to get away from those who are driving you up a wall and, of course, the sad news of Robin Williams' death.
Welcome to the Weekend!

Toons, Jr

On this very special episode of Toons, Brian talks to his son, Patrick, about school, waking up early and, of course, video games. Hear all about video games from a 9-year-old's perspective right here on Toons, Jr.

This Thursday, Toons returns to its roots in full-Toons form as Jack and Brian welcome the hosts of The Spanish Announce Table to discuss wrestling, Reese's Cups, podcasting and whatever else comes up. You will be able to listen live at and download it later right here on The Trending Topics Network!


Thursday will also mark the return of the Toons Caller's Contest. Welcome to the Weekend!