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European Uppercut: Episode 78 – Can we apologise now for Kai?

March 17, 2016

The Road to WrestleMania bay-bay.... scream if you wanna go faster... This episode starts off well, then the hilarity and conversation tangents take over. A near 2 and a half hour episode filled with Roadblock chat, some thoughts from Raw, the Build to WrestleMania, some Hall of Fame chat, Kiwi plays F-M-K-E, we have your emails, a modified version of the Not-so Knockout News and an unplanned Dick of the Week.... and we're sorry for the words of Kai Valentine, we really are!

Your Panel: The Living Legend (@livinglegend148), Adam Pearson (@adam_pearson), Kiwi Tutts (@kiwitutts) and T-Mac (@tableshowtmac)