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Ten2One: Episode 2 – with guest Ciaran Tuttiett

November 24, 2015

Ten2One, the top ten lists podcast. We discuss our top tens as well as lists we have read elsewhere. We may discuss our top ten Roald Dahl books, things to do at the weekend, alcoholic drinks, songs on our iPods, anything…

This week, your hosts Iain (@livinglegend148) and Kai (@haitchwir), are joined by Ciaran Tuttiett aka Kiwi Tutts (@kiwitutts). We have a respons to Kai’s previous top ten children’s TV programmes, Kai gives us the top ten songs from the year he was born and Ciaran shares his top ten Eurovision songs.

You can get in touch with us or submit your lists by emailing us: and you can tweet thoughts and comments to us @ten2onepod