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Wrestling Cheers- Episode 58: “Kayden & Young Ed’s Excellent Adventure (Preview)”

June 22, 2018

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On this episode, We get ready for an EXCELLENT ADVENTURE to Mentor-On-The-Lake, Ohio for AIW's Grado and Dick's Excellent Adventure. Justin (HeavyseT330), Kayden (@KVR216) and Young Ed (@PodVanDam) get into this phone booth to bring you all of their thoughts on the STELLAR show... or they just sit in front of their computers. Don't be HEINOUS and and hear what these OUTSTANDING bros have to say! Be there or be BOGUS! 


Upcoming Events:

-AIW: Grado & Dick Excellent Adventure- 6/22

-OCW: Supernova- 6/23

-PCW: Doomsday- 6/30

-Mega: Saturday Night Slam: Under The Stars- 7/14

-OCW: Buzzbin- 7/20

-RSW: Riddle Me This- 7/20

-OCW: Wrestlefest- 7/21

-Dropkick Diabetes 4- 7/22

-AIW: Absolution XIII- 7/27

-PCW: Powder Keg- 7/28

-PCW: Anniversary- 8/26

-AIW: WrestleRager 3- 8/25

-Olde Wrestling- EXTRAVAGANZA!- 8/26


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