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Wrestling Cheers- Episode 62: “O-H-I-OCW Update and Interview with Fantone”

July 20, 2018
July 18, 2018

On this episode, we enter back into the world of Ohio Championship Wrestling (@OCWOnline). We will review that last few OCW shows and then, Justin (@HeavyseT330) sits with one half of The Stansbury Show on Rock 106.9 and the hype man for both Canton Charge and OCW, Matt Fantone (@Fantone).


Upcoming Events:


-OCW: Buzzbin- 7/20

-RSW: Riddle Me This- 7/20

-OCW: Wrestlefest- 7/21

-Dropkick Diabetes 4- 7/22

-AIW: Absolution XIII- 7/27

-PCW: Powder Keg- 7/28

-AIW: WrestleRager 3- 8/25

-PCW: Anniversary- 8/26

-Olde Wrestling- EXTRAVAGANZA!- 8/26


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