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Wrestling Cheers- Episode 98: “Hail To The King of AIW Previews, Baby!”

February 22, 2019

On this episode, We are previewing Saturday's show from AIW! "Hail To The King, Baby," which will be LIVE at The Tadmor Shrine in Akron, Ohio! Join Justin (@HeavyseT330), Ric (@RicNelson21), and the newest member of the show, Andrew Jones (@djones360) as they talk about all of the matches on the card and so much more!


Upcoming Events:

-AIW: Hail To The King, Baby!- 2/23

-AIW: 7 Year Itch- 2/8

-PCW: Outbreak- 3/9

-OCW: Battle Lines- 3/9

-AIW: Wrestle Rave- 3/28

-PCW: Fallout- 3/30

-AIW: Slumber Party Massacre- 4/4

-OCW: Prepare For Glory: 4/6

-OCW: Tradition 16: 4/20

-AIW: Gauntlet For The Gold 14- 4/26

-OCW: 5/11 

-AIW: Keep Their Heads Ringin': 5/17


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