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Wrestling Cheers- Episode 53: “Chandler Biggins Memorial Tag Team Tournament Preview (w/ Jock Samson and “Weird Body” Evan Adams”)

May 23, 2018

On this episode, Justin (@HeavyseT330) starts off the JLIT 2018 weekend preview with this look at the Chandler Biggins Memorial Tag Team Tournament. This week is all about talking about the weekend with those who will be in the ring. This preview's special guests are Jock Samson (@JockSamson) and "Weird Body" Evan Adams (@WeirdBodyEA).


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-AIW: JLIT 2018- 5/25 & 5/26

-AIW: Chandler Biggins Memorial Tag Team Tournament 2018- 5/26

-OCW: Supernova!- 6/23

-OCW: Buzzbin- 7/20

-OCW: Wrestlefest- 7/21

-Dropkick Diabetes 4- 7/22


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