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Trending Mobile Technology Episode 91

More from the mail bag

and amazon in the news again
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SAT 60 - Miss Natural Interview

Captain Awesome and T-Mac have their first female guest on the show when they call Miss Natural and talk to her about her career and family lineage. Miss Natural even gives them a couple of good Harley Race stories. 
Also the Tag Team Champions of Wrestling Podcasts make their picks for Night of Champions, talk about the latest news, answer listener emails and play another round of #TweetTheTable!
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Old School At The Movies - Episode 90 - The Random Roundtable

This week anything goes! We discuss if movies based on books live up to the hype, Will reviews "Under The Skin", We debate the rehashing of franchises, and much much more!

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SAT 59 - Season Premiere

On the SEASON PREMIERE of the Spanish Announce Table, your amazing hosts Captain Awesome and T-Mac dish out another hilarious week of wrestling news and opinions, play another round of the world-famous #TweetTheTable, answer listener emails, and even create the next big charity challenge!
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Trending Mobile Technology Episode ep 89

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Toons: Toonsophobia

This week on Toons, Jack and Brian talk about football and irrational fears. The guys offer listeners an opportunity to help them close out the show. Then Brian develops a fear of his own, fear of the post-production process, which results in his not releasing the show for four days.

Boo! You're listening to Toons.

Welcome to the Weekend (sort of).

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Old School At The Movies - Episode 89

On this weeks show we discuss Hollywood finding something better than Imax, Pirates 5 is happening with David Fincher's money, Star Wars fans restore and create a HD version of the original movies, and we review As Above / So Below, Let's Be Cops, and Into The Storm

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SAT 58 - Slater Gator

This week Capatin Awesome and T-Mac talk about wrestling! What did you think was gonna happen?
As usual they talk about the news, do another hour-long segment of #TweetTheTable and answer listener emails.
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Trending Mobile Technology Episode 88

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SAT 57 - Help The Homeless

This week Captain Awesome and T-Mac were easily distracted as they stopped their jam-packed wrestling content many times to talk about things like dogs and homeless people. But they still deliver great and funny wrestling content with news, emails and #TweetTheTable!


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