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Sorry I Took So Long-Real News Ep.01

On this week's Real News I talk about:

ID10T of the week: Alfonzo Rachel  
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All Wine Aside - Episode 2

all wine aside is podcast about three girls : Brooke, Charlie and Sloan. We live in Montreal (qc) and we meet every 2 weeks to talk about real issues and our experiences living in our 30s. 

We also have wine. Lots of it. 


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Old School At The Movies - Episode 99 - 80s Retrospective Part 4

We're back this week with part 4 of our 80's retrospective. This time we review ET, Short Circuit, Police Academy, Gremlins, and Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure. We also check out some #OSATM feedback, and more Red Book predictions!

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SAT 69 - Family Friendly

The Tag Team Champions of Wrestling Podcasts bring you yet another family friendly episode of wrestling talk. They make their picks for Survivor Series, cover the latest wrestling news, answer listener emails and, of course, play another round of #TweetTheTable!
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Toons: @TableShow….Show

This week on Toons, Jack and Brian talked to Captain Awesome and T-Mac of the Spanish Announce Table.

But their conversation did not happen unfettered as, once more, Skype tried to interfere with the festivities, abbreviating the conversation but not the fun.

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Old School Presents… BYOB Episode BETA 1

Join Old School and Podcaster Charlie as they discuss Porn, Speed Limits, and Vegans

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Captain Awesome and T-Mac sit down for another week of rasslin-podcast mastery as they discuss the week's news, answer listener emails and play an exciting and fun round of #TweetTheTable. Also, they address the "truthers" conspiracy theories.
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Old School At The Movies - Episode 98

On this weeks show, a new Joker has been cast, Quentin Tarantino reveals his cast for The Hateful Eight, Matt Damon coming back for a new Jason Bourne movie, and we review Interstellar

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Toons: Toons-Worthy Feats

This week on Toons, Jack and Brian spend 20 minutes talking before Brian realizes that he never started recording!

After that was cleared up, the guys talked about Nik Wallenda and a host of other amazing feats performed by various humans from all around the world. Tight ropes. Faking comas and paralysis. The "Beer Mile." Brian reading poetry that's not really poetry.

Also, a revisit of the time Brian almost broke a world record of his own in the name of Toons.

Welcome to the Weekend!

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Old School At The Movies - Episode 97 - Greatest Mindf***k Movies

This week Will hosts as we break down our favorite mark out moments in cinema.

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