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1-Up Heads Up: Aug 27, 2016 - Holy Reviews, Batman!

This week on Heads Up, Brian and Ryan review No Man's Sky, Madden 17, Inside and Deus Ex: Mankind Divided.
Plus, they talk about Sony's Playstation Plus price hike and how they feel about it before talking about The Humble Bundle charity drive taking place right now.

1-Up Heads Up: Aug 8, 2016

Brian and Ryan talk about No Man's Sky's pending release and more.

1-Up Heads Up Special w/ Piper the DJ

On this special edition of Heads Up, Brian is joined by The Elder Statesman of the Trending Topics Network, Piper the DJ. They discuss Pokemon Go, the mobile gaming industry and what Pokemon Go means for the mobile gaming industry.

1-Up Heads Up: July 10, 2016

Gotta Catch 'Em All. The video game world has gone loco over Pokemon and Brian and Ryan talk about that and other news from the video game industry.

PlayStation is losing a key member of upper management, Bethesda is set to demo an interesting DLC pack for Fallout 4, Doctors Without Borders is getting yet another big donation from the gaming community, the owners of Counter-Strike are staring a serious ethical and potentially ground-breaking legal problem in the face after an arrogant YouTube faux-pology and the ridiculousness surrounding Pokemon GO.

1-Up Heads Up: June 22, 2016

Brian has some big news this week (But you have to wait until the end of the show for it).

Plus, he and Ryan discuss a little of the fallout from e3 and more breaking news from the video game industry.

[] Vivendi continues its UbiSoft assault
[] Developers don't know much about Project Scorpio...or Playstation's Neo
[] Warcraft - the movie - made its money, but is spiralling fast
[] Criterion is now working with EA on Star Wars stuff
[] A new Nintendo-centric book on Kickstarter is MUST HAVE

1-Up Heads Up 2016 E3 Preview

This week on Heads Up, Brian is joined by Ryan ( and Tucker as they discuss this year's upcoming E3 conference in Los Angeles, CA. The past, present and future of gaming all in one place.

1-Up Heads Up: May 24, 2016

This week on The 1-Up Club's Heads Up podcast, Brian and Ryan discuss the latest news in the video game industry.
  [] Rocket League's cross-platform play is officially a go on XBox One and PC
  [] Blizzard's newly released Overwatch is stacked with .... microtransaction possibilities
  [] Disney's out of making games but what will happen to their IPs?
  [] Sony predicts a pretty hefty increase in console sales
  [] NASCAR Heat will make its triumphant return to current-gen systems this year

All that and more on 1-Up Heads Up from and!

The 1-Up Club: Heads Up - Apr 26, 2016

On this week's Heads Up, Brian is joined by Ryan of and Only1Mart.

The trio discuss the latest news in video games beginning with the survival horror genre's upcoming Dead by Daylight, Friday the 13th: The Game and DriveClub VR titles. Then the conversation turns to what we know so far about Playstation's Neo and why it doesn't look like gamers will benefit much from the next console based on initial information. The show closes with a mini-discussion on mini-games following the reveal of new Gwent cards coming to The Witcher III via its next expansion.

Welcome to the Club!’s Heads Up: 04/15/2016

This week on Heads Up, Brian ( and Ryan ( discuss the latest news in the video game world, starting with Ryan's time at the brand new National Video Game Museum in Dallas, TX.

From there, the two talk about leaked images from God of War IV, the new cutscene mechanics in Uncharted 4 and what major changes happened to that game to make it ship-ready, a new Ghostbusters game that will have 'busters unlike any you've seen before and two recent FCC filings that could indicate not one, but TWO new XBox One consoles coming our way at E3.

Welcome to the Club!

1-Up Heads Up: VR and Cross-Platforming

 For those who may not know it yet, is in the process of becoming and Toons GameTime is now 1-Up Heads Up.

On this week's show, Brian is joined by's Ryan Hamner as they discuss some of this week's latest news surrounding virtual reality and Microsoft's bold challenge to Sony on the cusp of their cross-platforming venture.