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STFU Episode 5 - Printer Hate Crimes (Formerly BYOB)

New name, but same great content! Join Charle and Old School as they discuss Robot Ghettos and Gene Splicing, as they keep the conversation Strictly Platonic!



BYOB Episode 4 - We’re Back!

Yes that's right folks, we're back after a 2 year hiatus! Charlie and Old School come back to debate politics, checking medicine cabinets, and who should pick up the cheque?


BYOB Episode 3 - Calm Down Charlie!!!

This week Charlie and Old School discuss skinny bitches, Christmas cards, and wiping habits.


Old School Presents: BYOB Episode Beta 2

This week Old School and Charlie discuss Bathroom Etiquette, Facebook Stalking, Picking up Hitchhikers, and Baby Photos on Tinder.


Old School Presents… BYOB Episode BETA 1

Join Old School and Podcaster Charlie as they discuss Porn, Speed Limits, and Vegans