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Wrestling Cheers- Episode 33: “The Absolute Best of 2017 and Intense Predictions for 2018 Wrestling”

January 12, 2018

On this episode: Justin (@HeavyseT330), Kayden (@KVR216), Dustin (@RevTinTin) and Ed from Pod Van Dam (@PodVanDam) come together to disscus their thoughts about the year of 2017 in AIW, as well as a few predictions as what may happen in the company in the new year of 2018.

Topic that will be discused:

- Event Of The Year

- Special Guest Of The Year

- Match Of The Year

- Debut Of The Year

- Moment Of The Year

- Group/Team Of The Year

- GFTG 13 Predictions

- JLIT 2018 Predictions

- Who Will Be Signed by WWE By The End Of 2018


Upcoming Events:


-OCW: Sub-Zero- 1/13/18

-AIW: Death Rowe- 1/19/18

-AIW: We've Got A DilEMMA- 2/23/18 

-AIW: Enter The Dragon- 3/10/18  

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