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SAT 75 - New Years Resolutions 2014

Captain Awesome and T-Mac sit down for the last time in 2014 to bring you the Year in Review, The 2014 Table Awards, and their New Years Resolutions.

Trending Topics Network Recommends - “Serial”

I came across this Podcast last week and was hooked. Check out their other episodes at SerialPodcast.Org

It's Baltimore, 1999. Hae Min Lee, a popular high-school senior, disappears after school one day. Six weeks later detectives arrest her classmate and ex-boyfriend, Adnan Syed, for her murder. He says he's innocent - though he can't exactly remember what he was doing on that January afternoon. But someone can. A classmate at Woodlawn High School says she knows where Adnan was. The trouble is, she’s nowhere to be found.

Second Shift Ep 34- Better late than never!!!

Pre christmas episode, sorry for the delay in uploading.

Old School At The Movies - Episode 104

On this weeks show we break down the Sony hack, we review Exodus, and we read your #OSATM feedback.


Cerebral Satire Happy New Year! Ep 9

We talk New Years

1. New Years and what we and the world do for it 
2. New Years resolutions 
3. questions almost impossible to answer (will take a while) - Amy
4. NASA  email wrench -Devilvamp
5. Boyfriend jumps to death because his girlfriend wanted to visit another shop
6. Movies to look forward to in 2015 - Ant
5. Star Wars
4. Avengers Age of Ultron
3. Mad Max 
2. Bill
1. James Bond  - Spectre

NFL Easy Picks: 2014 Week 17 (The Homecoming)

Ohio Indy Report- Episode 24: “BLOCKED By The Underhills”

It's AIW's last show of 2014 and the first of a new era as we move into our new home at the Our Lady of Mt. Carmel School on 1355 West 70th. We are absolutely BRINGING IT, so don't miss out on our annual day-after-Christmas spectacular.


Tim Donst (Champion) vs. "Crimson" Tommy Mercer

Eddie Kingston vs. Chris Hero

Ethan Carter III and Matt Cross vs. Johnny Gargano and Josh Prohibition

Davey Vega (Champion) vs. Chris Sabin

Josh Alexander vs. Uhaa Nation

Colt Cabana vs. Louis Lyndon

Tyson Dux vs. Brian Myers

#GNO Spotlight: Six Woman Tag Team Match
Tessa Blanchard, "Girl Dynamite" Jennifer Blake, and Heidi Lovelace vs. Veda Scott, Alexia Nicole, and Jasmin

Rickey Shane Page vs. Dick Justice vs. Eric Ryan vs. Candice LeRae vs. Joshua Singh vs. Flip Kendrick

The Beaver Boys vs. Cheech and Colin Delaney

DSJNP Wrestlecast: “On The Trending Topics Network”- Ep 44

SAT 74 - Dear Santa 2014

Captain Awesome and T-Mac ask Santa for some wrestling Christmas gifts, answer the final listener emails of 2014 and play a fun round of #TweetTheTable!

Cerebral Satire Ep 8 Christmas is here!

3.Ants 10 Christmas Cracker Facts 

4.your 5  ideal christmas dinner guests  
5.Christmas trees banned in the bible (sounds shite)

6.Your Christmas Traditions 3 at least

7.Top 20 Christmas songs you'll never get sick of....

8.Favourite Christmas Movies 

9.Ants Santas Sack Quiz answers
10. music to play out  

All Wine Aside Episode 4 - Disaster Christmas Parties

In this episode, we talk about Charlie’s trip to costa rica, How brooke’s kid almost broke Christmas and how to behave at work christmas parties and way too much shit in between. This is a long episode. Our gift to you for the Holidays !


State Of The Network 2

Big changes are coming to the Trending Topics Network for January 2015!

Click to find out more...

State of the Network!

We are expanding!

2S extra!! - ep 33 Bloopers!!

There were so many fuck ups this week i’ve decided to upload a few. 


Second Shift Episode 33- Devil vs The Gypsy

Wayne is joined this week by Walker and The Gypsy returns after his hiatus!!!! 

Short episode but its to the point as we look back at TLC and NXT REvolution. 
Please rate on itunes and Enjoy!!!

Old School At The Movies Episode 102 - 2014 Year In Review Part 2

This week C-Money, Karp, and Heavyset give their top 5 for 2014. We also open the "Red Book" up, and we state our predictions for 2015.



Captain Awesome and T-Mac are back this week with minimal technical difficulties. They cover a LOT of news, reveal who won the TLC round of PPV Picks, answer listener emails, and reveal the winner of Wrassle Roos Presents: #TweetTheTable!

DSJNP Wrestlecast: Post PPV, No DV(Part 3)- Ep 44

Cerebral Satire Episode 7 ! Bond,Bondage and Bottles

This week Ant and Devilvamp are again joined by our little chimp Wayne and this 2 hour monster contains some real crazy conversation. We chat about our partners nasty habits, new James Bond movie, our greatest computer games and women shoving bottles of brandy up their spam purses… obviously ! 

@mcvigilante @devilvamp @wayneisabaker #csatire

Teacher charged with rape 

11 gross signs of comfort in relationships

Spectre - James Bond

Our Top 5 video games

Old School Presents: STFU Episode Beta 2

This week Old School and Charlie discuss Bathroom Etiquette, Facebook Stalking, Picking up Hitchhikers, and Baby Photos on Tinder.

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