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Second Shift: Episode 56 – Walker 2S Stranger

Fresh from knocking on the doors of bald men in boxers, Walker is back this week!! We have our Supersonic Second Shift News, picks for the upcoming Bound For Glory and WWE Madison Square Garden events, That’s Not My Name is back, as well as some chats on TNA, the returning Lucha Underground and more…

The Panel:
The Living Legend (@livinglegend148), Kai (@haitchwir) and AH Walker (@AH_Walker)

Wrestlecast- Episode 85: “We Will Piss You Off”

DSJNP Wrestlecast- Episode 85: “We Will Piss You Off”


This week the guys run through a quick show and discuss the week's results, rumors and news. They also answer listener emails, play a fun round of Tweet The Table and unveil who the new Face of Fear is!

The Tim And Tom Show - Episode 2 - with Laura Sanko of Grassy Pants Beef

This week Tim and Tom talk to Laura Sanko of Grassy Pants Beef. She explains the benefits of grass-fed beef and why to buy local, as well as teaches Tim and Tom a few things about the beef industry. 
They also cover positive news stories and events in Kansas City and surrounding areas.

Cerebral Satire “Guess the story” Ep 46

After a search in the pouring rain the offending item was located and fished out

There's a human leg floating down the canal

Fortunately, it was made of rubber but we have no idea what its purpose was

You would never burn a Picasso or any piece of art you invested in and had a passion for

When I was getting more tattoo work completed on my back piece, a $10,000 investment I began considering all of the money and time I had put into my tattoos

"Now, we have a growing gallery with tattoos from passed-away members

He defecated onto his hand and pushed it in my mouth

"took out the human faeces and charged to the policeman sitting at the back of the moving vehicle

(court papers)-

then placed a stethoscope between her legs as if it was a penis

put on exam gloves and told a female employee to ‘bend over’ as though he was going to perform a rectal exam on her

pumping his pelvis against it and making sounds like he was having sex

And he has not been in an accident since that day

Shocked passengers can be heard crying out in disbelief.

"Our driver was disciplined for eating and drinking on the job, which is against our policy.

"I was in the mood, that's basically what happened. "The alcohol made me think I wouldn't. I'm not into erotic public sex or anything like that.""Everyone wants to do something spontaneous."I'm here trying to clear her name and let them know I consented to that, I just didn't finish the job as you could say."

Second Shift: Episode 55 – Kai is in the bad books!

Another week in the world of wrestling including the Supersonic Second Shift News, emails and a look back at Night of Champions. Also, find out why Kai is in the naughty corner this week!

The panel: The Living Legend (@livinglegend148), Kiwi Tutts (@kiwitutts) and Kai (@haitchwir)

NFL Easy Picks: 2015 Week 3

Fantasy Footie - Ants back

So this week Ant returns with his little chum Wayne to discuss the weeks results in the Premier League and Fantasy and look forward to the week ahead. Lastly Wayne picks his NFL matchups and tries to guess the team names. Enjoy !

All Wine Aside Episode 25 - You make me feel something inside as I eat discharge cheese


 I think this is the best (and worse) title yet.

 We finally have WOD (words of the day)

 Promise and Adrenaline. We talk about that and more

 NEW FACEBOOK PAGE !! Seriously... like the damn page. 

Want to leave us a voicemail to ask us a question ? Find Charlie on Skype at Podcaster_charlie and call ! She won’t answer and you’ll be able to leave us an anonymous question! we will be waiting! 
 Also, don’t forget to go and give us 5 stars on ITUNES. No need to review.

Anything Goes- Episode 9: “The Purge”

Wrestlecast- Episode 84: “WE’RE A THREE MAN BAND, BABY!!”

DSJNP Wrestlecast- Episode 84: “WE’RE A THREE MAN BAND, BABY!!”

The Yes Talk Pro Wrestling Podcast S2E2

The Hardest Talking Pro Wrestling Podcast, The Yes Talk with Host Dustin Kaufman goes over Night of Champions 2015 Plus your Raw Re-Cappuccino. Sting, The New Day, Kevin Owens, Kane, Seth Rollins, how John Cena could turn heel and more... 
The Yes Talk Pro Wrestling Podcast 
"Rock Out with Your Talk Out"



They guys breakdown Night of Champions and play a fun round of Tweet The Table, answer listener emails and talk about having cereal for dinner!

The Tim and Tom Show - Episode 1

It's the debut episode of the Tim and Tom Show! Connecting you to Kansas City through news, talk, interviews, activities, and upcoming events! Listen in each week for all you need to know about the City of Fountains!

Wrestlecast Live WWE Night of Champions

Listen to this while you watch night of Champions

DSJNP Wrestlecast- Episode 83: “Whose Show Is It Anyway?”

Second Shift Special: Interview with Dan Hinkles

Special episode of the Second Shift as The Living Legend interviews Dan Hinkles of 5 Star Wrestling a few days before their big Regenisis event at Edinburgh’s Meadowbank Stadium this weekend.

Cerebral Satire “Let’s get Heavy” Ep 45

Cerebral Satire

Episode 45 “Let's get Heavy”

Wayne, DV, Ant, Heavyset

Go to DSJNP.COM for all the Contact info


Dear Fat People/”Internet outrage”

Wayne’s Questions

What’s in my Vagina? A Gun!


Drivers in China are killing people on purpose


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