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Captain Awesome and T-Mac discuss the year that was wrestling in 2015 and give you their New Year's Resolutions!

Anything Goes- Episode 11: “The Anything Goes Awakens”

Old School At The Movies Throwback - Christmas Special 2012

Check out a gem from our archives from 2012, where Heavyset, KevboTrek, Will, and Karp discuss our favorite Christmas movies.


SAT 126 - Dear Santa 2015

Captain Awesome and T-Mac sit on Santa's knee this week and tell him what they wish for this wrestling Christmas. 

NFL Easy Picks: 2015 Week 16

RassleKast- Episode 97: “And The Award Goes to….”

Ciaran’s Christmas Special 2015 - From Forest FM 92.3

This is a special Christmas show hosted by Ciaran Tuttiett! (aka KiwiTutts) 

A mixture of well known Christmas song, Christmas music from Eurovision legends and just simply some awesome party tunes. 
This show will be broadcasted on Forest FM 92.3 on Christmas Day (25th December 2015) at 6pm GMT 
If you would like to find out more information. Please visit 
Contact Ciaran himself via Twitter - @KiwiTutts 
He also hosts the Eurovision Showcase on Forest FM - or @ESCShowcase on Twitter 
Enjoy the show and a Merry Christmas to you all! 

The Yes Talk Ep 28: It’s christmas Time

Dustin is once again joined by his buddy Sean for this wonderfully in depth episode of 
The Yes Talk Pro Wrestling Podcast 
WWE Live
 Merry Christmas
 Fifty Bucks for ROH
 WWE Network
 Slammy Awards
 Raw Re-Cappuccino

The Tim And Tom Show - Episode 10 - with Mario Urquilla of the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of Greater Kansas City

Tim and Tom bring you another great week where you just might learn a thing or two. Mario Urquilla of the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of Greater Kansas City comes to the studio as our first in-studio guest to talk about what exactly a Chamber of Commerce is and does, and gives us some information about Hispanic heritage in the City of Fountains. 

Old School At The Movies Episode 134 - Terminator 2

Sorry for the delay folks. We should be back on the regular now starting this weekend. This week we discuss one of the greatest action movies of all time. Terminator 2!


European Uppercut: Episode 67 – NXT in the UK

NXT hit the UK, so it's only right we have an NXT special. This week, we have emails, well, AN email, the Not So Knockout News, the results from WWE TLC, a look at the NXT live shows in Glasgow and Blackpool and our picks for NXT Takeover:London. Continue to listen after the outro where Kiwi Tutts gives some feedback live from Wembley after the biig Takeover event.

Your panel: The Living Legend, Kai  Diarmuid and PK - then later on we are joined by Adam Pearson

SAT 125 - You Have To Pro Wrestle This

This week, Captain Awesome and T-Mac discuss a week of wrestling that is seemingly filled with tons of potential, but will it pan out? Only time will tell. They also cover a bunch of news, answer some listener emails and run
through a big round of Tweet The Table!


NFL Easy Picks: 2015 Week 15

RassleKast- Episode 96: “TLC! NXT! OMG!”

Ten2One: Episode 3 – Christmas Special with guest Andy Anderson

The third episode of Ten2One is our Christmas special. We take a look at our guests Top Ten Christmas toy fads, Kai runs us through the ten biggest grossing Christmas movies and Iain has the Top Ten selling Christmas singles in the UK. How many of each are you familiar with?

Don’t forget to send us your top tens to or tweet us your thoughts to @ten2onepod

The panel: Iain (@livinglend148), Kai (@haitchwir) and Andy Anderson (@doubleA_WIR)

Ohio Indy Report- Episode 28: “We’re FINALLY BACK, You Filthy Animal!”

The Yes Talk: Raw Re-Cappuccino Dec, 14 2015

The raw Re-Cappuccino provides a full breakdown of WWE Monday Night Raw
 With your Host Dustin Kaufman

The Tutts Experience (Episode 49 - TLC & NXT Takeover: London 2015)

Thank you for listening and downloading the Tutts Experience Podcast. 

This is a personal journal podcast from Ciaran Tuttiett. 

We are joined with Ciaran's young brother Conal to talk about the latest Eurovision News, WWE TLC 2015 and also NXT Takeover: London! 

Also, we take a look at a Retro Eurovision Year...

1980 - The Hague, The Netherlands 

Enjoy the show! 

Get in contact too... 

Twitter - @TuttsExperience

Facebook - www.facebook/TheTuttsExperience

E-mail -

The Yes Talk WWE TLC 2015 Post Show

WWE TLC 2015 Post Show Special from The Yes Talk Pro Wrestling Podcast 
with your host Dustin Kaufman.

The Yes Talk Pro Wrestling Podcast: Ep 27

My New Toys
 WWE Live 
 NXT TakeOver London
 Does WWE's falling Ratings Help NXT?
 Advantages to DVR
 The Trickle Effect of Roman Reigns
 Dean Ambrose / Daniel Bryan
  Is Rusev good for Ryback?
 Xavier Woods Meet Eric Rowan
 The Heated Dolph Ziggler Backstage Promo
WWE TLC 2015

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