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SquabbleBox Episode 19 - 26th February 2016

This week on SquabbleBox, we speak to Forest FM’s Ciaran Tuttiett as he breaks down the Eurovision nominees for the UK entry for EV 2016.
We ask, Can you believe that… Facebook have updated their ‘like’ system?
and our Buzzword this week is COVERS and TRIBUTES!


Listen live on Friday’s 11am- 1pm GMT on 107.3fm (Lincolnshire) or online (Worldwide).

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Twitter: @SquabbleBox



SAT 135 - Jake Whitco of WrestleThon Interview

This week Captain Awesome and T-Mac bring you another great interview, this time hoping you'll help donate to a wonderful charity through the love of video games when they talk to the Founder and Host of WrestleThon, Jake Whitco. Jake talks about the upcoming WrestleThon 3 and he even answers our Cinco Preguntas, complete with a great storyline for him and T-Mac.

European Uppercut: Episode 75 – Kiwi vs Roman!

A big show this week (no, not that Big Show) featuring a cast of 6... to begin with at least! We go in-depth on Shane McMahon's return, our thoughts after WWE fastlane, we have emails, the Not-So Knockout New, The One That Got Away and so much more...

Your Panel: The Living Legend (@livinglegend148), Kiwi Tutts (@kiwitutts), Conal Tuttiett (@conaltuttiett), Adam Pearson (@Adam_Pearson), PK (PK_BWC) and Kai (@haitchwir)

RassleKast- Episode 106: “Too Sweet Me, Bro”

SquabbleBox Episode 18 - 19th February 2016

This week on SquabbleBox we talk to Sean Doyle from SirenFM’s Native Radio and Live and Local all about the Electronic music scene. We ask ‘Can you believe that… BBC3 has moved online?’ and our buzzword is ‘AWARDS’.

RassleKast- Episode 105: “Life In The Fastlane”

All Beer Inside - Episode 4

Beer, Women, and Debauchery at it's best. Sorry for the delay!


European Uppercut: Episode 74 - Heavy loves Kiwi

We're on the road to Sunday night's Fastlane... but who do we see winning, we have our picks. Also, this week... our regular features: The One That Got Away, The Not-So Knockout News, Dick of the Week and more... sadly, no emails this week... them's the breaks!!

Your panel: The Living Legend (@livinglegend148), Heavyset (@heavyset330), Kiwi Tutts (@kiwitutts) and Kai (@haitchwir)

Old School At The Movies - Episode 139 - Die Hard

This week Old School and panel discuss one of the greatest action movies of all time. Die Hard!



Captain Awesome and T-Mac sit down with Trevor Murdoch and Derek McQuinn to talk about The Kansas City Pro Wrestling Training Center, the new wrestling school they are opening.
They discuss training with Harley Race, road trips with Arn Anderson, marking out ringside in Japan, and being on the receiving end of a Doomsday Device; all while discussing what unique perspectives they can bring to a new wrestling student. 
Awesome and Mac also make their Fastlane picks, analyze the biggest news of the week, answer listener emails, and play another fun round of #TweetTheTable.

SquabbleBox Episode 17 - 12th February 2016

This week on SquabbleBox the buzzword is COMEDIANS as hosts Kai Valentine and Maisie Anderson discuss your favourites! We also talk to Betty Costello of the Lincoln Comedy Academy and ask ‘Can you believe that… It’s Valentine’s weekend!’

European Uppercut: Episode 73 – Thank you Daniel Bryan

This week we pay tribute to Daniel Bryan following the news of his retirement from wrestling. But we also have emails, the One That Got Away, The Not-so Knockout News, Dick of the Week... and who would we put on our wrestling Mount Rushmore?
Your panel: The Living Legend (@livinglegend148), Kai (@haitchwir) and PK (@PK_BWC)

NFL Easy Picks: 2015 Playoffs- Season Finale

RassleKast- Episode 104: “Sushi Sushi vs Anime Pokemon””


This week Captain Awesome and T-Mac bring in an old friend to the studio; the official artist of WWE Rob Schamberger.
Rob goes over his upcoming schedule and some cool new stuff you can buy, and even gives his opinions some of the current WWE and NXT storylines and news.
They also give you a healthy dose of news, emails and Tweet The Table!

The Yes Talk Pro Wrestling Podcast: ProWrestlingNightly.Com

The Yes Talk Has Moved To
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Dustin Kaufman

SquabbleBox Episode 16 - 5th February 2016

This week, hosts Kai Valentine and Maisie Anderson discuss the appointment of Matt LeBlanc as Top Gear co-host, the ‘BuzzWord’ this week is COLLECTIONS, and we have a fantastic interview with GB Powerlifting champion Michelle Franklin and Darkside Training’s Shantelle Svarc.


Captain Awesome and T-Mac talk about the Road to WrestleMania and all the news, results, and rumors from the week of wrestling. They also answer listener emails and play a fun round of Tweet The Table.

European Uppercut: Episode 72 – Foo-Gnochhi

Another fun look at the world of wrestling. On this weeks show, The One That Got Away, The Not-so Knockout News, Dick of the Week, some Lucha Underground chat, the return of one of our favourite quiz games.... Killer and so much more...

Your panel: The Living Legend (@livinglegend148), Kai (@haitchwir) and Kiwi Tutts (@kiwitutts)

RassleKast- Episode 103: “Andy Loves Caucuses”

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