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All Wrestling Week In Review Episode 499.5 - Promo Week

WIRX Road to Wrestlemania is here! Check out a bonus episode where WIRX participants build up their matches for episode 500!

European Uppercut: Episode 80 – WrestleMaaaaaniaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!

Oh hell yeah... it's WrestleMania weekend, with both the NXT Takeover: Dallas show to boot, there's a lot to get into as well as two full sets of picks, so let's waste no more time, dive in, the water is great!

Your panel: The Living Legend (@livinglegend148), Adam Pearson (@adam_pearson), Heavyset (@heavyset330, Kai (@haitchwir), PK (@pk_bwc) and Kiwi Tutts (@kiwitutts)



T-Mac and Captain Awesome bring you the first episode of the show where they are not in the same room. As you will clearly hear, they still need to work out some bugs, but the screaming masses would never allow the show to not go off as planned, so this is what you get! They discuss a HUGE amount of news, make some WrestleMania picks, play a fun round of Tweet The Table, tell you what happened ON THIS DAY in professional wrestling, and even answer some listener emails!

SquabbleBox Episode 23 - 25th March 2016

This week is a Good Friday special so we once again take your questions with #AskUsAnything

The Tutts Experience - Episode 54 (WWE Wrestlemania 32)

Thank you very much for listening and downloading the Tutts Experience Podcast. 

This is a personal journal podcast hosted by Ciaran Tuttiett. 
29 year old who works in a Marketing Department at a local bus company, and also a Radio Presenter on Forest FM 92.3. 
This week on episode 54…
Ciaran and his youngest brother Brendan, discuss Wrestlemania 32 and also NXT Takeover: Dallas. This biggest week of professional wrestling is upon us, and we must talk about the biggest matches of the year! 
Also, Ciaran review the latest news headlines and plays some music from Flo-Rida and Sir Elton John (Just to name a few) 
Twitter - @TuttsExperience
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Old School At The Movies - Episode 142 - Commando

This week we take a look back at an Arnold classic, Commando!


RassleKast- Episode 110: “Bad Andy””

European Uppercut: Episode 79 – Getting hyped for WrestleMania bay-bay!!

Another fun episode this week, where we get started on the Mania talk by looking back at some of our favourite WrestleMania memories. Belfast Brawl anyone?... Anyone?... Also, we have an email, the Not-so Knockout News, Dick of the Week and more...

Your panel: The Living Legend (@livinglegend148), Kai (@haitchwir), Adam (@Adam_Pearson) and Kiwi (@kiwitutts)


T-Mac and Captain Awesome sit together in-studio for one of the final times before T-Mac begins to move about the country like a vagabond.
But that doesn't stop them from bringing you the latest news and rumors from the world of professional wrestling, play a fun round of Tweet The Table, and answer some listener emails. 
They even take a break to sit down with Dustin Kaufman to talk about his latest endeavor; Pro Wrestling Nightly.


The Tutts Experience (Episode 52 - Catch Up Time!)

Thank you for listening and downloading The Tutts Experience. 

A personal journal podcast hosted by Ciaran Tuttiett. 
Twitter - @TuttsExperience
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SquabbleBox Episode 22 - 18th March 2016

This weeks episode of SquabbleBox was pre-recorded. We asked you to #AskUsAnything… and we had lots of fun looking through your questions! Any that weren’t mentioned will be on next weeks show, so keep sending them in!

1-Up Heads Up: VR and Cross-Platforming

 For those who may not know it yet, is in the process of becoming and Toons GameTime is now 1-Up Heads Up.

On this week's show, Brian is joined by's Ryan Hamner as they discuss some of this week's latest news surrounding virtual reality and Microsoft's bold challenge to Sony on the cusp of their cross-platforming venture.

Old School At The Movies - Episode 141

Back to the news format this week as we talk Ghostbusters, a Venom movie, Arnold might come back to the predator franchise, and we review Deadpool!

European Uppercut: Episode 78 – Can we apologise now for Kai?

The Road to WrestleMania bay-bay.... scream if you wanna go faster... This episode starts off well, then the hilarity and conversation tangents take over. A near 2 and a half hour episode filled with Roadblock chat, some thoughts from Raw, the Build to WrestleMania, some Hall of Fame chat, Kiwi plays F-M-K-E, we have your emails, a modified version of the Not-so Knockout News and an unplanned Dick of the Week.... and we're sorry for the words of Kai Valentine, we really are!

Your Panel: The Living Legend (@livinglegend148), Adam Pearson (@adam_pearson), Kiwi Tutts (@kiwitutts) and T-Mac (@tableshowtmac)

RassleKast- Episode 109: “FELLAAAAAAAAAAAAAA”


T-Mac announces that he has taken a new position that will take him out of Kansas City. He and Captain Awesome discuss what that means for the future of the show. 
They also break down the week's news and results, take a look back to what happened this week in wrestling history, answer listener emails, and play a fun round of Tweet The Table.
They also talk about how T-Mac went on a date to a Trump rally.

RassleKast- Episode 108: “Dot Dot Dot Dot”

SquabbleBox Episode 21- 11th March 2016

This week we have Seb and Rachel from the University of Lincoln Musical Theatre Society on the show to discuss their sell-out performance of Grease aswell as our Buzzword for the morning… MUSICALS.

European Uppercut: Episode 77 – Garr-gah–noooohhhh not again!

Another crammed episode of this podcast which gives a British commentary on the world of wrestling... This week we play F*ck Marry Kill Eat, we pick our guys/girls from the various wrestling entities, we have emails, news, picks for WWE Roadblock, and so much more!

Your panel: The Living Legend (@livinglegend148), PK (@PK_BWC), Adam Pearson (@Adam_Pearson) and Kai (@haitchwir)

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