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ABI Interviews La Knowlton Co

February 10, 2021

The ABI crew braved a snowstorm to get this interview done for you all. We really wanted to shine a spotlight on a successful young microbrewery with an even brighter future, La Knowlton Co.!

In this episode, Nick Allan, co-owner and creative force, shares his vision on how La Knowlton Co. can be more than a brewery and restaurant. He also shares his love for Backcountry Brewing, cooking, the arts, local ingredients, niche markets, and more!

All Beer Inside is a podcast by and for craft beer lovers. We travel near and far to sample the best brews and meet fellow aficionados. Drink craft, not crap!

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Beers tasted: Traditional Cream Ale, American Wheat Ale, West Coast IPA, English Porter


La Knowlton Co. Address: 576 Knowlton Rd, Knowlton, Quebec




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Untappd: @allbeerinside


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