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ABI Interviews Mireille Bélanger of EtOH

March 26, 2022

Serving great beers and food to the neighborhood/village of Villeray in Montreal since 2013, EtOH Brasserie might not be as well-known to people living outside of the island. The ABI crew definitely wanted to shine a spotlight on Mireille and her crew for the amazing work they've been doing for the craft beer scene and their local community for almost 10 years now.

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Beers tasted:
- Pilsner
- Double Blanche du Brochet
- Best Bitter

EtOH Brasserie
8100 Rue Saint-Denis, Montreal, Quebec
Website, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter

All Beer Inside:
WebsiteInstagramTwitterFacebook, Untappd: @allbeerinside

The video portion of this interview can be found here

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