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ABI Interviews Nicolas Demers-Jutras of Gambrinus

May 22, 2022

Like the king Gambrinus of legends, Gambrinus - Artisan Brasseur & Pub's music and beer has made them famous. Nicolas Demers-Jutras joined the first craft brewery in the Mauricie region of Quebec in late 2021, after becoming a brewer while backpacking in Australia, and has been pumping out new recipes ever since. At the same time, he hasn't forgotten the Gambrinus classics that keep the folks of Trois-Rivières coming back for more since 1996.

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Beers tasted:
- Miyazaki
- Palomino
- Gambrinus
- La Mer Noire

Gambrinus - Artisan Brasseur & Pub
3160 boulevard des Forges, Trois-Rivières, Québec
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