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ABI Interviews Troy Nelson and Nick Stapp of Off The Hop Rope Podcast

September 1, 2022

Every week on the Off The Hop Rope Podcast, wrestlers "Smart" Mark Sterling, "Top Shelf" Troy Nelson, and "CPA" Nick Stapp pair the PERFECT beer with the PERFECT wrestling match. The show's been on hiatus since Mark Sterling signed with #AEW, so being fans of the podcast, the ABI crew wanted to catch up with the hosts (with the help of a small beer bribe). Grab your favorite drink and listen to us talk about wrestler beers, the great New England craft beer scene, independent wrestling promotions, Stu Hart, the Canadian Death Tour, Troy and Nick's favorite episodes of the podcast, and much, much more.

All Beer Inside is a podcast by and for craft beer lovers. We travel near and far to sample the best brews and meet fellow aficionados. Drink craft, not crap!

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Beer tasted:
- Microbrasserie Ras L'Bock - Razor

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