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All Beer Inside Interviews Ren Navarro of Beer Diversity

February 24, 2021

Ren Navarro of Beer. Diversity. talks about making craft beer diverse and inclusive

Don't we all wish that everyone would feel safe and welcomed in the craft beer world? Ren Navarro has been working hard for the last 2 years to make this dream a reality. From public speaking to consulting, she's been helping breweries and beer fans make diversity part of our culture.

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Beers tasted:
- Collective Arts Brewing - Earl Grey Wheat
- Red Circle Brewing & Elora Brewing Company  - All Together New England IPA

Wine tasted:
Rosewood Estates Winery - Riesling AF

Beers tasted:
- Nickel Brook Brewing Co. - Black Is Beautiful
- Four Fathers Brewing Co. - Black Is Beautiful

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