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The Tutts Experience - Episode 59 (Exterminate Hate)

December 5, 2016

Thank you for listening and download the Tutts Experience. 

This is a personal journal podcast from Ciaran Tuttiett! (Twitter - @KiwiTutts / @Tuttsexperience) 


This week, we are back after a almost 6 months break and Ciaran has A LOT to talk about. 


* The awful situations facing British Politicans find themselves in in 2016. 

* Spice Girls reform

* RIP Andrew Sachs 

* Retro Eurovision Year to Review

* We take a look at a WWE pro wrestling 

* Play some awesome songs from the likes of the Pet Shop Boys, Madonna, Sir Elton John and Dusty Springfield. 


Plus... much much MORE! 


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