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Wrestlecast (Getting Extreme) EP 62

April 21, 2015

Wrestlecast Ep 62

Host Devilvamp

Heavyset, Katie the First Lady, Biohazard, Ant

  • Keep, Toss, or Improve

  • What’s on

  • PPV Preview

    • Breakdown PPV rules for the year

    • Extreme Rules

      • Brass Ring Vs New Day (Tag Titles)

      • John Cena Vs Rusev (US Title, Russian Chain Match)

      • Daniel Bryan Vs BNB (IC Title) This match may not take place.

      • Nikki Bella Vs Naomi (Divas Title)

      • Ziggler Vs Sheamus (Kiss me Arse Match)

      • Reigns Vs Big Show (Last Man Standing)

      • Dean Ambrose Vs Luke Harper (Chicago Street Fight)

      • Rollins Vs Orton (Steel Cage, Kane as Door Keeper)

  • Bio Hazhard’s News Dump

  • Best of the Week

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